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Coaching - get more from the sport

Becoming a coach or leader is a great way of enjoying athletics and running. Whether you are an athlete looking for a new dimension to your role in the sport, a parent wanting to get more involved or are inspired by seeing how coaches have made a difference to people’s lives coaching has plenty to offer. 

New run routes launched to help people find their pace in The Outdoor City

With more than 800 parks, woodlands and green spaces, Sheffield is already well known as the perfect place to walk, jog or run.  Now getting out and about on the city’s trails has been made even easier, with the launch of signposted run routes at seven new locations.  This is the second phase of the Run Route initiative, funded by England Athletics.

County Track & Field Championships 2017

County championships will be taking place across England this summer. The vast majority of events will be happening in May with some counties also arranging additional events to take place at other times. 

True sportsmanship applauded for cross country youngster

A young cross country runner gave up his chance of winning to help his friend who collapsed with bad stitch during a Primary Cross Country race in Grimsby.  He turned back from the nearby finish line, picked up his friend and helped him to the finishing line.

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