Welcome to the pages for the London area. In this section you can find out more about who we are, what we do and how to get in contact with us and some of the people we work with to help promote and improve athletics in the London area. It became a separate Area of England Athletics on 1st April 2013.

The team in your area

To find out more about who you should contact about different matters please see below, or view the London Athletics website here:

London Area Manager (interim)

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London Regional Council

Councillors have responsibility for individual areas (known as Portfolios), such as coaching, schools, etc. Each member of the council will take on an area of responsibility, which not only reflects areas of interest, but also their experience in athletics.  It means too that there is always someone you can contact with any questions, ideas or concerns.

To find out more about the Council Portfolio system please see


London Strategy plan - 2012 and beyond

The London Strategy Plan for Athletics has been prepared following consultation with the London athletics clubs and endorsed by UK Athletics, England Athletics, LOCOG and the Mayor of London’s Office. This is a team effort and London already benefits from national strategies funded in particular by Sport England and McCains, which have together funded seven Athletic Networks in London – encouraging clubs and coaches to work more closely together for the benefit of the sport.  The London Strategy plan provides an essential review of the situation in London, and offers important suggestions for additional ‘acceleration’ activity that will make a big difference.  With the Olympics only two years away, this is an ideal time to invest in athletics in London and to ensure we reap the maximum rewards from the Games' legacy." 

The framework is set to achieve two main aims:
This plan seeks to build on the work already in place in a way that will allow London to take advantage of the long term benefits that the 2012 Games will bring to the city.  London Athletics (the London Regional Council of England Athletics) would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the formulation of the London Strategy Plan. Working together we now have to seize the opportunity to make the sport great in London. 


You can download the Executive Summary (1.1MB) and the full document (3MB) below.

  • Using the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a catalyst for the first stages of regeneration of athletics in London; and
  • Providing access to the sport for 1.5-2.0m Londoners who currently have little or no chance of participating in the sport meaningfully, because of the lack of clubs in the Inner City boroughs in particular.
  • London Strategy Plan Exec Summary
  • London Strategy Plan Full Document