Satellite clubs

Satellite clubs

Satellite clubs are extensions, or outposts of community sports clubs which are established in a new venue and specifically target the 11-25 age group. They are usually run by an Athletics club who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to places where young people already meet. Coaches and volunteers from the Athletics club (the ‘hub club’) work in partnership with the satellite club host venue to create the satellite club. CCSO’s can support you to do this by making links with schools and community site as well as help your club access funding stream from County Sports Partnerships, Premier League for sport and Local Authorities. For information download our “Athletics Satellite Club Guide” or speak to your local CCSO.

Satellite Clubs Models

England Athletics recommend two models around which you can build your club.

Run Together

We have created RunTogether to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England. All our products, such as groups and routes, and services, such as ‘Find a Guide’ and the 'Mental Health Ambassadors' programme share a common theme, they are to help people to run with others. Running with others can provide motivation, guidance and support, as well as making it more fun! For information on each of the products and services, please visit the individual pages. There is also a handy ‘frequently asked questions’ page.

Groups can be lead by volunteers that have been though their Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) or Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF). Click here for information on how to register your group for free.  To find your local RunTogether group and make a connection with them so they become a satellite club to your club see

Athletics 365

Athletics 365 is a multi-event, development programme, which introduces athletes to the FUNdamentals (vital to every sport). Athletics 365 focuses not only on how fast someone runs or how far someone jumps or throws but also, more importantly, on developing the technical skills (how& to run, jump and throw) required to perform at full potential and move like a champion. In addition to technical skills, Athletics 365 also looks at an athlete’s physical, mental and emotional development, as well as their lifestyle and social development. The Athletics 365 programme is broken down into nine progressive stages. Each stage provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. Athletics 365 encourages athletes to learn all the skills and events of athletics, and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base. 365 Kitbags can be purchased from Eveque – For more information about Athletics 365 visit the website:

Find out more

To find out more about setting up Satellite Clubs click here to download our Satellite Club Guide