Working groups

Working groups

The England Athletics Youth Panel contains several working groups, covering different areas within athletics. Every England Athletics Youth Panel member is allocated to at least one group, where additional roles and group specific tasks are given.

Creativity and Marketing

  • To create a new logo and name for the group that captures the main themes and projects the current Youth Panel are undertaking
  • Produce a leaflet or similar format, that will engage with all young people to promote the Youth Panel
  • To consider other possible ways and methods to publicise the group and engage with the wide e.g. slogan or Youth Panelv group member kit design

Inspiration Programme

  • To identify projects within the Inspiration Programme that the England Athletics Youth Panel can actively be involved in
  • How achievable are such projects and what are possible outcomes for these projects?
  • What ways can England Athletics Youth Panelenhance the profile of such projects e.g. social media, flyer
  • What groups need to contacted or involved, and what methods of communication will you adopt to get across the key messages?