Our Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives

Our Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives

The overall Mission of the Youth Panel is to support the development of athletics and running with young people, for young people.

This will be delivered through the following 3 core objectives;

1.    By championing the role of young people in athletics and running

  • Promote positive stories about young peoples’ achievements in our sport, e.g. volunteering achievement/development through social media and blogging
  • Represent England Athletics (or own national governing body) and group at events, presenting a positive and inspiring example to future young leaders
  • Actively promote inclusive opportunities for young people
  • Work to improve representation and champion the involvement of minority groups in sport

2.    By inputting their views into the development and delivery of our sport

  • Support England Athletics (and any other national NGB organisations) in individual projects to provide unique insight from a youth perspective
  • Support England Athletics in activities that aim to improve participation from young people in our sport
  • National leads to build links with own NGBs and agree how they can best support and provide insight from a youth perspective.  

3.    By growing the skills and experience of young people involved in our sport

  • Provide leadership opportunities for young people in our sport by Youth Panel membership
  • Establish process for succession planning for members of Youth Panel
  • Support young people in their pathway through the sport, e.g. transition from local club to university, transition to volunteering roles
  • Highlight opportunities for young people to get involved in volunteering