Team Spirit Volunteer Champions training


  • An introduction to the research on volunteering
  • The volunteer journey
  • Volunteer motivations
  • Barriers to volunteering and how to overcome them
  • Easy and cheap to implement ideas
  • Action plan


  • Grow your understanding about volunteers and how to best support them
  • Develop a bespoke action plan for your club to improve the size and quality of your volunteering provision


2 hours

Arrange a session for your club:

If you would like to improve the experience for volunteers in your club and would like host a Champions session, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

To host you just need:

  • Find 6-8 people in your club that have an impact on the experience of volunteers in their roles. From club chair through to Team Managers, Officials Coordinators and coaches, this session will really benefit everyone
  • Have a room available suitable to hold 10 people comfortably and with room for activities
  • Refreshments available would be great
  • Most importantly, the commitment to put what you learn into practise!