Our vision

We are incredibly proud of the heritage of volunteering within our sport; from coaches to officials, run leaders to volunteer coordinators, tuck shop organisers to club secretaries – each and every role matters and makes a huge difference. Our sport simply wouldn’t happen without volunteers.

Our vision is volunteering in athletics and running will be a rewarding and positive experience for everyone, with all clubs supporting volunteers throughout their volunteering journey. By improving volunteers’ experiences and making it fun and rewarding for all, we can help even more people get, and stay, involved in our sport.

We are committed to helping our clubs and groups to create the best experiences possible for volunteers. Whether you are a volunteer, looking to become one, or would like help to get more people involved as volunteers, hopefully you’ll find valuable information here.

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, just contact our Volunteering Team on Volunteering@englandathletics.org