Coach Licences & Renewal

Coach Licences & Renewal

Getting your Coach Licence

Click here to read more about the DBS Process, including if you went on a course a while back and didn't do your DBS then - but now want to get licensed.

Note you will need to have completed a coaching qualification, supplied a suitable photograph (as advised in the pre-course information or see below for more details on completing your profile) and completed a DBS check.

For a Renewal Licence:

To renew your licence and ensure it is up to date it is necessary that you have a current DBS check this needs renewing every three years. For the full DBS procedure see

Further instructions on keeping your profile up to date

If you wish to access full instructions on keeping your profile, including your photograph, up to date, as well as ensuring your DBS check is current you can download our guide to using the portal here - PDF 1.6M.