Why Officiate?

There’s a whole host of motivations why people officiate in athletics from giving something back to the sport they love, helping improve their skills, making new friends to experiencing the sport from a different angle.

Want to give something back to your sport?

  • Are you currently injured and want to still be involved in your club?  Why not see the sport from a different angle and try officiating?  Speak to your County Official Secretary (also called COfSecs)
  • Passing on your skills to others.
  • Putting your skills and experience to good use.

New to the area?  Officiating provides an opportunity to:

  • Meet new people.
  • Make new friends.
  • Become involved with your local community.

Looking for work?  Officiating provides an opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills, level of responsibility and much more
  • Undertake accredited training.
  • Get a reference, employers are generally impressed by the skills and commitment of volunteers.

Whatever your motivation becoming an official is a great way to enjoy athletics from a different perspective. It’s also a great opportunity to get outdoors, meet new friends and get closer to the action!

Officials' pathway

The officials' Levels are as follows:

Previously From April 2016
Assistant Official
(otherwise referred to as Level 1)
Assistant Official
2a ("Club") 1
2b ("County") 2
2c ("Region") 3

3 ("National")



T&F: equivalence to




T&F: equivalence to IAAF ITO, European ITO, IPC ITO, IAAF Level 2 TOECS
Endurance: Level 5 International / AF / EuroA Level

Information about different  aspects of England Athletics work with officials is available throughout this section. If you have feedback or comments about England Athletics' work with officials you wish to feedback you can find out how to do this through your council portfolio holder at