England Athletics Records & Rankings

England Athletics Records & Rankings

Championship records, National rankings records

In this section you will find details of the England Athletics records including those of the former AAAs championships.

The Championship records are the best performances achieved in England Athletics National Championship events across all age groups. You can access these on the left hand menu (above on mobile devices) or click here.

Note: The England Athletics Championships were formerly the AAAs of England Championships.

English all time lists and rankings

For England rankings, including all-time lists and records please go to www.powerof10.info/rankings. Here you can:

  1. Select the Year you wish to see rankings for, or select 'All Time' on the right of the list of years for the All Time list
  2. Pick 'England' for the region/ nation
  3. Choose the 'Gender' for which you whether you want Male or Female lists
  4. Choose the 'Age Group' for which you wish to see rankings
  5. Pick the 'Event' for which you want to see rankings

Note that by creating a log in at Power of 10 you can also view additional rankings lists such as for Masters Age Groups and a wider selection of events.