AAA Standards Awards Scheme

AAA Standards Awards Scheme

The agreement reached in 1996 between representatives of the AAA of England and the Celtic Countries in respect of the recognition of common Track and Field Standards essentially remains in force. The performances listed hereunder apply to all British Athletics, irrespective of whether any Country intends, or not, to make Certificates and/or Badges available to their athletes.

With the advent of data bases of performances it has been decided to completely revise the standards tables every two years and to introduce standards for events which appear in the Power of 10 database. The method of revising the tables has been to look at the total number of performances recorded in the database and to try to pitch the standards such that the top 7.5% of performances would attain a grade 1 standard; the top 15% of performances a grade 2 standard; the top 30% a grade 3 standard; the top 65% a grade 4 standard. Some events have not been included due to there being insufficient data on which to base a realistic standard, i.e. performances by less than 50 individuals. More descriptive information in the Standards Document

The Standards for Senior athletes are for guidance only as there are no badges available for that age group.

The performance to be recognised must be achieved in the actual category of competition at
1) National, Territorial and County Championships
2) All Young Athletes and other League competitions, Open Meetings and Inter-Club Trophy Meetings
3) Other approved meetings
4) ESAA National, Regional and County Championships

The Standards set for all field events in each age group are based on the use of the implement weights and specifications as detailed under UK Athletics Rules. Standards may be obtained for ALL Indoor Events additional to the 60m and 60m Hurdles using the relevant outdoor tables. Standards may be obtained in each or every single event contained within any Combined Event competition.