Clerk of Course checklists

Clerk of Course checklists

Roger McCall’s presentation at the Northern conference on Clerk of the Course was partially reproduced in Issue 2 of For The Record, our officials' magazine.  He provided some field event checklists which you can download here along with a Track one from Peter Russell.

In summary, he noted:

Technical Manager under the direction of the Meeting Manager, shall be responsible for ensuring that the track, runways, circles, arcs, sectors, landing areas for field events and all equipment are in accordance with specification in Rules for Competition. The Technical Manager normally has overall supervision of Clerk of Course (Track) and Clerks of Course (Field).

Clerks of Course (Field)  with the Field Referee shall ensure that all markings are correct as required by the Rules for Competition, that take-off boards are clean and firm and landing areas ready for use. The Clerks shall ensure that all equipment necessary for maintaining runways, circles and landing areas is in a fit state for competition, that brooms, rakes, rollers, etc. are available as required and that Judges are provided with marking spikes and tapes as necessary. They are responsible for the provision of implements for practice and competition and must see that all implements are removed from the site of the event as soon as the competition is completed.

Do you have some checklists (track / field / endurance / XC) you would like to share? 
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