Our Vision

It is our ambition at England Athletics to influence 650,000 more people to become regular runners or athletes.

Using insight to help increase participation

To help to deliver on our promise, over the past 30 months we have built a deep understanding of the running and athletics market evolved from the largest running survey of its type with over 35,000 responses since April 2016 and other bespoke research studies. We now want to share the insights with providers of running activity, events, technology, kit and places so they can understand their audience, use the insight to help enhance process, product development and communication and improve engagement with new and existing customers. We hope that a regularly informed sector will facilitate further growth in and help sustain the number of people running.

Benefit from the research

We want the investment we make in research to create change so to keep up to speed with development in the area, please join the Insight Zone for further information.