Endurance Officials' Secretary Role

Endurance Officials' Secretary Role

The role of the County Officials’ Secretary – Endurance (COfSec) in England

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  • By the relevant County Association (usually at its AGM)
  • This role ideally should be dedicated to Endurance
  • The Regional Officials’ Portfolio holder would become involved only if the county were not able to appoint a secretar

Duties & Responsibilities

Key areas:

  • Invite, and may appoint, Officials to County-organised competitions
  • Encourage the recruitment of, and support, the development of County Officials
  • Act in a liaison role between UKA/EA and local Officials, to help in clarifying and developing National policy and to feedback ‘grass roots’ opinion
  • Recommend to England Athletics the need to provide Level 1 courses in the County having identified suitable venues, and in conjunction with England Athletics, tutors for the course and publicise upcoming courses within the County
  • Act as a link between the Tri Regional Secretary and Endurance Officials


  • Maintain and monitor the list of all licenced Officials on the Trinity data-base who are affiliated to the county and inform EA/UKA of necessary amendments.
  • Advise Officials how to access and use Trinity.
  • Use current technological means of communication.
  • Follow up with those attending the courses to ensure that they are continually informed of officiating opportunities, are made welcome when they attend meetings and County events and support new officials to complete the process by filling in the ‘Application for Accreditation as Level 1 Official’.
  • Be a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) verifier for the county.


  • Advise clubs to encourage ‘ad hoc’ helpers at endurance events to attend a Level 1 Officials’ course.
  • Identify suitable mentors for the development of Endurance Officials where appropriate.
  • Advise, encourage and support Officials in their development and encourage a proactive approach in all new Officials so that they take ownership of their own progress by helping them complete their paperwork.
  • Advise on how to obtain reports and who would be able to write a report.
  • Identify Officials who need reports and make appropriate arrangements.
  • Assist competition promoters with a list of Officials whilst adhering to Data Protection rules.
  • Provide information to the Tri-Regional Group, Competition providers and Governing Bodies to enable National (and Area) lists to be kept updated, and ensure, that Tri-Regional Secretaries are aware of the availability of up and coming officials for appointment in some Technical and Non-Technical roles at some National and Regional level meetings.

Qualities Preferred In An Endurance COfSec

  Essential Desirable
Skills / Experience
  • Good working knowledge of UKA Officials’ Pathways and Education processes;
  • Basic PC skills (Word / Excel/ Internet)
  • Operating actively as an official at County Level
  • Presentation skills
  • Operating actively as an official at Regional or National Level
  • Wide knowledge of officiating disciplines
  • Network of contacts within the Sport outside own county
  • Communication: written and verbal
  • Planning & Organising
  • Prepared to embrace use of Technology
  • Discretion / Integrity: able to handle sensitive information
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Leadership
  • Making change work
  • A desire to enthuse young people as prospective Officials
  • Flexibility and humour

Endurance Officials' Tri-Regional group (TREOG)

The major arrangements relating to endurance officiating at a policy level in the UK are vested in the UKA Endurance Education and Development Sub Group which is responsible to the UKA Technical Advisory Group.

In England coordination of the needs of the endurance volunteers is handled by the 3 Tri-Regional groupings which  are the Northern group (North-East, North-West and Yorkshire and Humberside), the Southern Group (East, London and South East) and the Midlands and South Western Group (East Midlands, West Midlands and South West), assisted by the County Officials' Secretaries which in some counties have dedicated endurance personnel.

Each tri-region has an endurance group (TREOG) consisting of one endurance official representing each of the regions within in the Tri-Regional groupings (three in total), a Tri-regional Secretary and as appropriate, co-opted experienced officials’ secretaries to give continuity from the previous arrangements. These groups were first appointed in 2010.

Each Group meets to:

  • Make contact with the counties in their regions.
  • Identify the needs of endurance officials.
  • Consider recommendations from Regions for accreditation to new Level 4 (National) and make recommendations to the UKA Sub Group.
  • Consider the competency of appropriate officials to “chief” at National Meetings and endorse recommendations to the UKA Sub Group.
  • Endorse appointments to Tri-Regional Appeals Panels.
  • Remove officials from the National list.

Responsibilities of Tri-Regional Secretaries

  • Act as a link on endurance official policy between the NGB (UKA and England), the Regional groupings and the Endurance COfSecs.
  • Convene annual meetings of the TREOGS to ensure the efficient operation of the grading arrangements for endurance officials.
  • Make recommendations to the UKA Sub Group for  the appointment of endurance officials to Level 4 (and above).
  • Convene appropriate panels when officials at Level 1 and 2 are disputing their grade accreditation.
  • Determine whether experiences are relevant when requested to do so by the COfSecs.
  • Assist the COfSecs in the fulfilment of their duties and provide cover if necessary.
  • With the TREOG Group representative help to find replacement COfSecs in specific counties should this prove necessary.
  • Convene other appeal panels as necessary once the new Endurance Officials pathway is up and running.