Midlands Athletics Officials' Association (MAFEO)

Midlands Athletics Officials' Association (MAFEO)

The Midland Association of Field Event Officials was founded in December 1983. The aims (and name) of the Association have since been modified to include all Licenced Technical Athletics Officials, and those in training. It is hoped that by its various activities, it will bring about all round improvements in athletics.  MAFEO is a independent organisation run by Technical Officials for Technical Officials.

The aims of the Association are to:

  • Raise the standard of athletics technical officiating.
  • Rraise the status of athletics technical officials.
  • Monitor the standard of athletics facilities.
  • Disseminate information of interest to athletics technical officials.
  • Try to ensure through recruitment, that meetings are adequately staffed.
  • Suggest the best techniques for examining athletics technical officials.
  • Create a rapport with both athletes and coaches.
  • Speak with one voice on issues which affect athletics technical officials.

To join:
Annual subscription is £10.  All members will receive a membership card as a receipt. Members will also receive a copy of each new edition of the Rules for Competition. All members will be supplied with a M.A.F.E.O. badge with their name as given on the form (most members include first names). Newsletters are published during the year to keep you in touch with any information that comes to our attention and we welcome any contribution members wish to make. We also organise at least one Workshop a year to cover subjects requested by members.  Click here to find out more about joining the Association.

Want to get in touch?  Contact the Hon Secretary Maureen Bullen at honsecretary@mafeo.net