County Officials' Secretary (COfSec) Role

County Officials' Secretary (COfSec) Role

The COfSec, County Officials' Secretary is the vital link between the officials "on the ground" and meeting organisers, UKA and England Athletics, and helps to communicate courses and upgrading information.

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What does a County Officials' Secretary do?

  • Maintains an accurate up to date list of all graded technical officials affiliated to the county
  • Provides information to UKA and England Athletics to enable them to keep accurate lists and to ensure good communication
  • Keeps their own county technical officials informed of appropriate information
  • Identifies technical officials who may be capable of achieving upgrades
  • Provides support and guidance to technical officials seeking upgrades
  • Provides worksheets and report forms for technical officials seeking reports to support upgrading
  • Arranges for reports to be submitted by higher graded technical officials for those requiring them
  • Receives annual Record of Experience form from Level 2 technical officials and makes recommendations for upgrading, based upon duties performed, range of events covered and availability of satisfactory reports
  • Arranges mentors to support new technical officials and those seeking upgrading
  • Liaises with England Athletics in the running of appropriate training and education courses
  • Identifies training courses that are required by clubs and counties
  • Arranges for technical officials to support county meetings
  • Provides information for clubs and other approved bodies who seek support to provide technical officials for meetings outside their own county
  • Attends regional COfSecs meetings as part of a partnership approach


See also report and presentations from the 7th Officials' Forum where the role of the COfSec was discussed.