Endurance Forum - February 2015

Endurance Forum - February 2015

The fourth Endurance Officials’ Seminar took place on Tuesday 24th February 2015 – the purpose of which is to share developments with senior endurance officials and for endurance officials to bring to the attention of the NGB issues which are in need of resolution.

There were over 20 officials in attendance, 8 of whom were Endurance COfSecs. Four had declined because of work commitments, the remainder had not responded to the invitation. It was pleasing to note that two new county Endurance COfSecs had been appointed in the last 12 months.

Graham Jessop - Progress in the last 12 months

  • The Getting Started Bulletin on Endurance Officiating had been well received. A copy is given to all attendees on Level 2 Endurance Courses. Attendees at the Forum requested hard copies and a web site reference.
  • A new Endurance Official’s Log book would be available in hard copy from 1st April 2015 for all attendees on L2 courses. It contained much useful information including an updated Pathway, Health and Safety leaflet and application forms for accreditation. It will be included on the web site and officials requested the web site reference.
  • Revised course material for Level 2 Generic Endurance Course and Risk Awareness will be available for all new courses promoted after April 2015. The last pilot course is at Bournemouth on March 8th
  • June Swift (EA) is working on new publicity and promotional material for these courses.
  • The paperwork for the different guidance notes has been up dated and will shortly be put on the EA and UKA web sites.
  • The Records of Experience have been revised and reference is made to the requirement for competition experiences to come from UKA permitted races.
  • A paper on the Role and Duties of Endurance COfSecs had been produced and circulated to all Counties. It was noted that much still had to be done on the Endurance COfSec’s tool kit as follows:-

Tool Kit for endurance officials

  • Access to Trinity including training in how to use it.
  • County appointments
  • Physical equipment
  • Help and guidance
  • Introduction packs for new officials.
  • Better links to resources
  • Liaison with course tutors and race directors, competition providers and event managers.
  • Web site – list of resources, access to mentors, fixture list for officials
  • Dates and deadlines
  • Regional COfSec meetings for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Regular information cascade from England Council level to all COfSecs, so that they are aware of developments in National Strategy insofar as it may impact officials.
  • Improved communication between county and UKA/EA

John Temperton - British Athletics Officials’ Strategy

A strategy group has been appointed by Cherry Alexander and each group member has been given a specific strand to develop. The five strands include; Governance, International, R&R, Communication & Competition. The group are working towards the SMART process. It has been written in a very general sense. From an endurance point of view there may be differences in the international strand. The feeling in the room was that endurance needs a higher profile within the strategy.

2016 Rule Book - It was noted that work was now progressing on the combination of the UKA rule book and the IAAF rule book, with the expectation that one document would be in place for April 2016. The benefits of this change were widely recognised although there were some reservations in that for 95% of the endurance officials’ community only the UKA rule book was used.

June Swift – England Athletics Update

June introduced herself to the group outlining her athletics and professional background. June’s role was initially a 12 month secondment and has been extended to March 2016. BA are in consultation with EA on the Officials Strategy. England Athletics are keen to support COfSecs and welcomed thoughts and comments through a questionnaire. Once an individual has attended an officials course they will receive an automated email so they have a reference point rather than trying to navigate the website.
ACTION- Provide a copy of the automated e-mail to COfSecs.

Role of the Endurance COfSec

The general view in the room was that there hasn’t been much change in terms of the support/ workload of Endurance COfSecs. Major issue facing COfSecs is managing DBS renewal. Around 6 weeks before DBS expiry a notification is given to individuals with information on how to complete DBS renewal. COfSecs are not notified of individual DBS expiry – should a system be put in place to notify COfSecs of Official DBS who are due to expire.

All Level 3 people will attend a risk assessment course by the end of this calendar year. Need to explore the possibility of distance learning for the risk assessment qualification. The suggestion would be that people completing the qualification would complete with a short set of questions to ensure quality assurance. We need to ensure that the risk assessment course is effectively promoted and it is clearly communicated why people need to attend course, course content etc.

Will produce a spring version of the endurance officials' bulletin. Through EA’s media team we can report how many people have received and opened the bulletin.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

David Brown provided a most informative presentation on the new online DBS which would come into operation from March 1st 2015. An abridged version of the power point presentation is attached. Delegates were impressed by the new online system and hoped that this would alleviate the number of officials operating without a renewed licence and also provide a tool to chase officials who had not done the appropriate entries.


Four COfSecs were invited to speak to the group about their experiences with Trinity. Common issues included:

  • Need to review the county affiliation of officials (West Midlands is a region not a county)
  • Notify COfSecs when an official is dropping off the system
  • Risk Awareness catch up – clear guidance needed to notify COfSecs and officials.
  • Maintenance of existing structure – needs to be an allocated resource/ degree of attention to address glitches in existing system.
  • Can’t send a mass e-mail to T&F officials. This reverts to level 4 officials.
  • A phone number on the Trinity database would be an asset – lack of response on e-mails.
  • Operating level button – generates all level officials (needs updating). Needs to show the different levels.
  • Accuracy of inputting data – could this include phone numbers?
  • People who have registered to attend the course but didn’t attend are still on Trinity.
  • How many people who are deactivated through Trinity are still actively officiating? Are we able to retrieve their contact details? How do we progress those people?
  • Risk awareness course needs to be promoted.
  • COfSec trinity access - Risk assessment and risk awareness drop down menu needs merging.

All above issues will be submitted to Lee Dakin for comment. A full update will be provided as soon as possible.

Other Endurance issues:

  1. How can we improve communication between NGB and COfSecs?
  2. Attendance at Risk Awareness Courses – by 31st December 2015 all licenced Endurance Officials will be expected to have attended a Risk Awareness Course- this is a Health and Safety requirement. Much concern was expressed about the practicality of such an approach and it was agreed that if possible a distance learning module would be produced.
  3. Renumbering of levels in the Endurance Pathway – it was noted that there is a proposal in the officials’ strategy for Track and Field levels to return to the previous numeric system. Whilst it was considered to have some advantages for a similar system for Endurance officials it was felt more appropriate for the Endurance levels to remain as they are- this system has now been readily understood and accepted and a grading different form track and field would avoid some of the confusion which currently exists.
  4. Regional Forums- it was thought peer group representatives, together with endurance COfSecs should consider promoting regional forums.
  5. Next Endurance Officials Bulletin – it was recognised it was time for the production of the next Bulletin and this should include the new DBS system, updating personal data on Trinity and a brief synopsis of the development and changes outlined in these notes of the Forum.

Future meetings

It was agreed that Endurance Forums were a helpful way of networking and another one should be convened in 12 months’ time. Whilst holding meetings during the week debarred a number of people from attending, it was felt it would be just as difficult to find free weekends when so many officials were at events.