Winner's Story: Services to Athletics, Gordon Agar

Winner's Story: Services to Athletics, Gordon Agar

Skyrac Athletic Club have been a significant part of Gordon Agar’s life for over 30 years. Now their Club President, Gordon has been dedicated to the Club and the Yorkshire & Humberside region for many years.

Throughout the year, Gordon coaches four times per week, giving up his weekends to officiate for the West Yorkshire Cross Country and Track & Field Leagues. Gordon also created and continues to sustain the Yorkshire & District Young Athletes' League, providing opportunities to young athletes. Heavily involved both the West Yorkshire and Yorkshire & District Athletics Leagues, he is currently secretary to both, using his knowledge to create high quality experiences for athletes, parents, officials, coaches and spectators alike. As a person sitting on the Yorkshire Committee for over 30 years, Gordon is partly responsible for team selections and the inter-counties league, and his immense knowledge and impact are deep rooted, sustaining themselves over several decades. 

His personal touch with all individuals sees him regularly joking with athletes on the start line, comforting nervous athletes and ensuring happy experiences for all. His inclusive approach even saw him develop a novel approach of hand gesturing when coaching a girl who was profoundly deaf! Gordon goes out of his way to ensure that everyone can take part in his sessions, finding ways to make sessions work for athletes with physical and learning impairments.

Unfortunately, this year Gordon has had to take a step back from some of his duties, as health issues have seen him recently hospitalised. Despite this, he gets back to the track and his athletes as soon as he can, regardless of the weather, with a beaming smile on his face! These health issues saw him unable to attend the Regional and National Awards Ceremonies in person, but representatives picked up his awards on his behalf. There is no doubting that Gordon Agar is a wonderful winner for the National Services to Athletics Award 2017.

(Pictured top: Gordon's award collected by daughter Maria Harrison.  Pictured above: Gordon collecting an award in 2015)

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