We Love Volunteering and we want everyone to feel that way too

We Love Volunteering and we want everyone to feel that way too

Do you and all your volunteers leave every volunteering experience feeling like the guy in the photo?

Not quite? Come to one of our Champions sessions to discuss easy-to-implement ideas that will take your volunteering experience from to :-( to :-)

Increase understanding about what motivates different volunteers, the barriers they face, and hear & discuss ways your club can use this knowledge to maximise recruitment and retention of your volunteers!

These 2-hour, interactive sessions will send you back to your club brimming with ideas that won’t take a lot of time or money but will make a big difference to the experience your volunteers have when they are at your club.

The best news? Thanks to Spirit of 2012, these sessions are completely free for you to attend! What are you waiting for?

Click here to book on to your nearest session and let’s make volunteering in Athletics the best experience ever!

Can’t find a session near you or can’t attend your nearest session? No problem; simply send an email to volunteering@englandathletics.org and we will send one of our team to deliver to you at a time and place more convenient for FREE!

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