Updates to the McCain Athletics Network Assessment process

Updates to the McCain Athletics Network Assessment process

The reassessment process for current McCain Athletics Networks is to be updated to allow Networks more opportunity to give more of an explanation of their work rather than purely a written ‘overview’ as currently used.

As part of England Athletics’ commitment and responsibility to ensuring the funding delivered to clubs via the current Networks has been used, and will continue to be used, effectively, and for the reasons it has been necessary to have an assessment process. This process is needed for England Athletics to be satisfied that each Network will make effective use of continued funding. However it is envisaged any problems with delivery that Networks and member Clubs experience would be raised and discussed prior to this process taking place.

As the 51 current funded McCain Athletics Networks are coming up for re-assessment it has become apparent that networks need to be given more of an opportunity to let the assessment panel know how successful the network has been, and to articulate clearly how they are planning on continuing to develop. The written documentation alone allows an overview but does not let networks fully explain the work going on locally; this can only be done through a member of network coming and presenting the application in person and answering any queries.

To allow this change, the panel process will move from national level to area level. This will result in the make-up of the panel changing to have a mixture of national and area level staff and regional councillors.

The process will change to the following:

The process will change to the following:

1.Network meetings dates for each area are confirmed below and networks are allocated appropriate panels based on time of original application - if this causes any problem please let your Club and Coach Support Officer know and England Athletics can see if any changes can be made.

2.    The exact location of the meetings will be agreed closer to the time but initial locations have been suggested that should minimise networks travelling as much as possible.

a.    15min – The Network’s representative will present the network plan. The essential elements of the presentation are:

i.     Telling the panel what the network has delivered in the last twelve months;

ii.     Explaining the impact the network has had upon the clubs in the last twelve months (the added value the network funding has provided to the clubs).

iii.    Talking through the plan, and explaining what the network will be looking to deliver in the next twelve months.

iv.    Explaining the impact the projects will have upon the clubs if successful in receiving the grant (added value the grant will provide).

v.    Explaining how the network plans to become sustainable at the end of three years of England Athletics funding.

b.    15min – The panel will ask the network questions about what has been delivered and about the application.

3.    The Area Team Leader will lead each session

a.    The Area Team leader, supported by the National Club Development Officer, will confirm the venue and invite panel;

b.    The National Club Development Officer will still coordinate applications

4.     The panel will consist of the Area Team Leader (chair), Regional council representatives, National Club Development Officer, and a minimum of one person from the Head of Marketing & Strategy, Head of Coaching and Executive Chair.

To view the planned dates for 2011 please download our McCain Athletics Network Panel Dates document.

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