Upcoming Physical Preparation workshops for Track & Field and Road Running clubs

Upcoming Physical Preparation workshops for Track & Field and Road Running clubs

England Athletics have a series of upcoming Physical Preparation workshops scheduled from January to March 2018 which are designed as a progression for coaches / leaders that have attended England Athletics Movement Skills workshops or are experienced in the delivery of physical preparation training.

The Physical Preparation workshop focuses on how coaches can support athletes to improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance. The workshop is suitable for coaches of any discipline, whether track & field or road running, to develop knowledge of movement screening and conditioning exercises that can be incorporated into club training sessions.

Some athletes will display major physical limitations which will increase their chances of injury or re-injury. The workshop will discuss how to address common physical limitations athletes may have and explore some of the appropriate interventions. The workshop will also include:

  • How to use movement screening to assess hamstring flexibility, ankle mobility and upper spine mobility.
  • How the use of foam rollers can help an athlete to improve mobility and performance.
  • The benefit and implementation of strength training exercises such as Bulgarian squats, Romanian deadlifts, and hamstring conditioning.
  • How to vary the load during strength training using equipment such as strength bands, powerbags and medicine balls – ideal for incorporating into sessions in an athletics club or road running environment.


Bookings are now open so please book early to avoid disappointment:

  • This workshop is suitable for experienced people with the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification, Coaching Assistant’s, newly qualified Athletics Coach / CiRF coaches and coaches/leaders that have completed movement skills workshops.
  • Please visit www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-physical-prep-events for further information.

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