Upcoming opportunities near you for coaches and athletes in November and December

Upcoming opportunities near you for coaches and athletes in November and December

England Athletics has a range of opportunities for coaches and athletics coming up in November and December. These include workshops of benefit for those coaching speed, endurance events, jumps, throws and youth development, as well as other specific opportunities relating to events including Steeplechase, Marathon and Race Walking.

See more information below:

Speed workshops and activities

Regional Coach and Athlete Workshops will cover 100m to 400m, sprint and long hurdles. A 1.5 hour theory session on managing athletes in a training environment then a 1.5 hour practical session - with event specialist to identify key principles to add value and context to your coaching. These workshops are a two part series.

If you have not previously attended a movement skills workshop we would also recommend these as a great way of helping you work with your athletes to move more quickly, generate greater force and reducing the risks of injury.

Go to www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-speed-events to view a range of workshops and events for speed coaches. Or see www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-speed to find out more.

Endurance workshops and activities

Regional Coach and Athlete Workshops are being held with workshops looking at specific areas for endurance coaches looking to develop their athletes. Subjects covered across thse workshops will include topics such as Competition planning, Physical preparation, Planning periodisation, Workloads - how much is appropriate and when to increase, Psychology sports performance, Biomechanics drills, and Work, rest ratios cycles.

For coaches who want to work with their athletes to refine their technique, improve speed, and reduce the risk of injury the movement skills workshops are ideal.

We also have specific opportunities relating to steeplechase, marathon and race walking that you can access.

Go to www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-endurance-events to see the opportunities for endurance coaches. Or see www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-endurance for more information about our work with endurance coaches.

Marathon Programme

England Athletics have a new marathon programme that will support coaches and athletes with the aim of significantly raising the depth of performance at this event. We know that we can only do this in partnership with the coaches, clubs and athletes. This winter activities will include two performance group weekends in the Forest of Dean as well as a series of evenings focussed on marathon preparation.

To find out more about the Marathon Programme please click here - this includes details for Nick Anderson who is leading on this work.

To see more about the Performance Group weekends and the Marathon Preparation Evenings, and to book on these events, please click here.

Steeplechase programme

England Athletics is running a series of coach and athlete training days for all interested in steeplechase.

Helen Clitheroe will be working with leading steeplechase coaches and will be organising these days with the aim of providing practical advice and training tips to coaches and athletes looking to transfer into and develop in the event.

Contact: hclitheroe@englandathletics.org

Details are published in our events section here as events are announced

Race Walk programme

England Athletics will run a series of coach and athlete training and development camps at the National Race Walking Centre in Leeds. In addition, we will run a series of ‘taster sessions’ and regional coach and athlete activities.

Contact: adrake@englandathletics.org

Details are published in our events section here as events are announced

Throws workshops and activities

As part of the Regional Coach and Athlete Development series England Athletics will be hosting regional coach and athlete development workshops covering discus, shot, javelin, and hammer. These workshops are aimed at coaches who have completed the Athletics Coach qualification or the old level 2 and above.

There are also movement skills workshops available, which are highly relevant to throws coaches, and the European Throws Conference will be held in Loughborough in November.

Go to www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-throws-events for details on what is available for throws coaches. Or to find out more about our work with throws coaches please see www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-throws.

Jumps workshops and activities

The Regional Coach and Athlete workshops will be covering Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump aimed at Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach level. A theory session on physical preparation and planning followed by a practical session.

Fundamental movement workshops to enable coaches to work with their athletes to to move more quickly, generate greater force and reduce the risks of injury are also available.

Please go to www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-jumps-events for details of events for jumps coaches. Or see www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-jumps-and-combined-events for details of our work with Jumps coaches.

Youth Development

In addition to youth development coaches being able to access event specific and fundamental movement skills workshops we also have specific events for those who work with young athletes.

Go to www.englandathletics.org/coach-development-youth-development-events to see the opportunities available for youth development coaches.

Event Group Coach - completing the qualification

The final element of the Event Group Coach qualification is the 'Integration Day', which provides coaches with an opportunity to discuss and debate their coaching ideas, technical observations and principals of planning. Essentially the Integration Day brings to life the theoretical content that is covered in the qualification’s online modules. Click here to find out more about the opportunities in the coming weeks for people to complete their integration days.

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