REMINDER: Invitation to submit proposals for rule changes UKA 2018 rulebook

REMINDER: Invitation to submit proposals for rule changes UKA 2018 rulebook

In accordance with previous arrangements, UK Athletics will be re-issuing UKA Rules for Competition with effect from 1st April, 2018.

The Rule Book issued in April 2016 introduced a significant innovation with the combination of UKA and IAAF into one publication; the object now is to consolidate that innovation and to continue the opportunity for amendments to UKA Domestic Rules arising from proposals from the sport. The following timeline sets out the process that will be applied and acts as the invitation to submit your proposals for any rule changes. Deadline for applications is 31 July 2017.


1st March 2017: Proposals for changes to Rules invited. Submit proposals on the template which can be found at to

31st July 2017: Final date for submission of potential changes by:

  • UK Members Council
  • UKA Board
  • CEO Forum
  • Performance/Coach Development
  • National Associations
  • UKA Technical Advisory Group
  • UKA Domestic Strategy Group
  • UKA Track & Field Advisory Group
  • UKA Endurance Advisory Group
  • runbritain
  • National & Regional Officials’ Bodies
  • Clubs or Associations (individuals attached to a Club should have support from the Club before proposing any rule changes)
  • Authorised Competition Providers (those who currently attend the UKA Fixture conferences)

August 2017:
Following receipt of proposals, UKA will produce a document with submissions and this will be circulated to appropriate groups for internal work and feedback.
Note: IAAF changes will not be available until end of August 2017.

September 2017: Any Technical proposals will be reviewed by UKA Technical Advisory Group. Eligibility proposals will be considered by the UKA Eligibility Group. Endurance items will be considered by UKA Endurance Advisory Group. The Domestic Strategy Group will conduct the final review before the consultation with the sport generally.

2nd October 2017: The exact wording for proposed rule changes will be written and agreed by the Rules Advisory Group. A document listing relevant rule proposals will be posted to the UKA website for further comments by the organisations listed above. A template response page will be available on the UKA website.

6th November 2017: Deadline for all final responses.

20th November 2017: Final drafts will be agreed by the Domestic Strategy Group in conjunction with UKA Advisory Groups.

December 2017: Final proposals submitted to UKA Board for their consideration and sign off.

19th February 2018: Planned publication date.

Any proposals which do not meet the above dates will not be included.
Deadline for applications is 31 July 2017.



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