Guide to Improved Secretaries' Portal

Guide to Improved Secretaries' Portal

England Athletics have produced a new guide to the Club Secretaries' portal to help them to make the most of existing functionality and new provision – such as the ability to manage payment of club subscriptions online.

Clubs can use the portal for a range of tasks. Consultation events have also seen clubs request improvements in the Secretaries' Portal and a number of these are now in place. A number of examples of the functionality that has been added due to feedback at consultation events over recent years are below.

The full guide, giving instructions on all aspects of the portal, can be accessed by clicking here.

England Athletics Chief Executive Chris Jones said, "This guide summarises the functionality of the Clubs' portal which we have worked to evolve over recent years. We would like to thank all the clubs who have been involved in suggesting and helping us to evolve this new functionality. This is a very practical example of how our consultation events and online consultation have seen us evolve how we work in response to the feedback from clubs."

Online payment of club subscriptions

The new facility will enable Clubs to manage their own membership payments and allow their club members to make online payment. This will enable a member to easily pay their annual club fees without needing to bring cash or a cheque, which also means valuable volunteer time can be saved by no longer having to take cash or cheques to the bank, and removing the need to collate and then pass on registration payments to England Athletics.  

The new facility is integrated into the Secretaries Portal and will allow the club to specify what memberships they offer and, which of them include the Athlete Registration Fee. An invitation to pay their club membership online can then be sent en masse to all selected members.

If the club has included the England Athletics registration fee in their membership, the registration fee will be automatically paid to England Athletics and the member will be registered to compete.

Mailing and exports

It is possible for a club to email its members through their Secretary Portal and also to export details of members.


Through our consultations some people fed in that it would be useful to be able to create ‘groups’ whether by event group, or another criteria that has relevance for administering the club, for example people who are all likely to be part of a certain team or need entering for an event. Groups can be created and members allocated to groups. This means an export can then be done of the people in those groups, or the people in the groups can be sent specific emails.


This allows people to be assigned different roles within a club, which in turn makes it easier to see and manage the Club’s coaches, officials, athletes and other volunteers.

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