Much anticipated Nitro event starts Saturday

Much anticipated Nitro event starts Saturday

The much-anticipated Nitro Athletics is finally here, with the first of three events taking place this Saturday, 4th February in Melbourne Australia.

The new series sees an England team take on Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan, as well as team spearheaded by arguably the greatest athlete of all time, Usain Bolt, in a brand new format.

Disciplines are grouped into four distinct types: teamwork, power, technical and endurance, with each team consisting of 12 men and 12 women, who combine to score points that count towards the team score.  Each team will also have a Turbo Charged event, where points will be doubled and that event will be determined by random draw.

  • For Saturday’s meeting, the teamwork events, which will all feature men and women, will be a medley relay (200m, 400m, 600m and 800m), a 2x300m relay and a 4x100m relay.
  • The power events will be a 150m, a 60m and a para-athletics 100m. In each case there will be two races, one for men, one for women, with the combined times counting towards team scores.
  • The endurance events will be a 3 minute distance challenge, in which a male and a female athlete combine (the female runner runs for three minutes, before their teammate takes to the track from where they finished. The team that has run the furthest after six minutes wins) as well as an elimination mile for men and then women.
  • Finally, the technical events will be a men’s pole vault and long jump and a women’s 100m hurdles and javelin. Each of these feature a twist on the usual format, so stay tuned!


The England team to contest Nitro Athletics


Jo Blair (Luton/ Rugby & Northampton, David Burrell)
Karla Drew (Sheffield & Dearne, Antonio Minichiello)
Joe Dunderdale (Sheffield & Dearne)
Mary Elcock (Oldham & Royton, Karen Williams)
Adam Hague (Sheffield & Dearne/Sheffield Hallam Uni, Trevor Fox)
Scott Hall (Gateshead, Sam Stanislaus)
Gabriel Odujobi (Sale Harriers Manchester, Tony Jarrett)
Abigail Roberts (Sheffield & Dearne, Trevor Fox)


Margaret Adeoye (Enfield & Haringey, Linford Christie)
James Arnott (City of Plymouth, Ryan Freckleton)
Theo Campbell (Birchfield H, James Hillier)
Confidence Lawson (Shaftesbury Barnet, Clarence Callender)
Erin McBride (Liverpool Harriers, Robert Roberts)
Christine Ohuruogu (Newham & Essex Beagles, Lloyd Cowan)
Kieran Showler-Davis (Basingstoke & Mid Hants, John Davis)
Conrad Williams (Kent, Lloyd Cowan)
Bianca Williams (Enfield & Haringey, Lloyd Cowan)
Hannah Williams (Herts Phoenix, Colin Gaynor)


Alex Bell (Pudsey & Bramley, Aaron Thomas)
Alison Leonard (Blackburn, Bud Baldaro)
Michael Rimmer (Liverpool Pembroke, John Bigg)
Charlene Thomas (Wakefield, Aaron Thomas)
Jamie Webb (Liverpool H, Rob Denmark/ Adrian Webb)
Richard Weir (Derby, Spencer Duval)

The second and third Nitro Athletics events take place on February 9th and 11th and all three events will be featured in highlights programmes broadcast on BBC2. This Saturday’s action will be shown at 14:45 on Sunday 5th February.

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