England Athletics Strategic Plan

England Athletics Strategic Plan

England Athletics would like to thank everyone who has taken the opportunity to give their views on the sport and role played by England Athletics over the past year and we’d also like to take this opportunity to update you on our strategic planning ahead of April 2017.

Recent years have seen significant changes to the sporting landscape, thanks, amongst other developments, to social trends meaning more people are running than ever, while technological advances like smartphones and the internet mean that participants and member organisations have increasingly different expectations as to how the sport should operate.

We know that there are challenges that lie ahead, for example, in changes to the way that the domestic sport in England is funded. But we also have some great opportunities, such as the London 2017 IAAF and IPC World Championships

Since last year we have been working, in consultation with the sport, on considering the on-going role of England Athletics in light of both changes the sport has seen and those that are likely to lie ahead. We would particularly like to thank those people who fed into the consultation events and our online consultations that we have held through this period.

Earlier in 2016 we published our Strategic Plan which reflected our priorities and plans as we move forwards.

You will see we believe clubs, volunteers and athletes are fundamental to the sport in England. Regardless of any changes to funding these groups are, therefore, central to the work and future of England Athletics. Our first priority is to expand the capacity of the sport by supporting and developing its volunteers and other workforce. Our second priority is to sustain and increase participation and performance levels in our sport.

You can read more about each of our priorities in our strategic plan, in particular on pages 16-27.

There are uncertainties ahead and challenges in producing a strategy for our work in such a diverse sport. This includes recognising where England Athletics is best placed, or needed, to take a leading role and where others are better positioned to do so. However, it has become clear that certain elements are crucial across the sport, whatever circumstances people are facing, and that there are areas where England Athletics, as the membership body for athletics and running clubs in England, needs to take responsibility.

You will see on pages 28-29 the ‘Financial Perspective’ and how we are already working to adapt to likely changes to future funding and secure the best possible funding to meet the needs of supporting the sport. The ‘What happens next?’ information on pages 30 gives more details on how we are already planning and shaping the work of England Athletics ahead of April 2017. On page 31 you can see our Key Areas of Focus.

Volunteers are fundamental to the delivery of the sport throughout England and we will continue to work to provide them with the best support possible with the resources available.

Over the coming weeks, England Athletics will continue to work to ensure that we are well positioned to deliver our strategic plan. Our next steps can be found here on page 30 .

For our member clubs and people we work with day to day, not much will change in the immediate future, but we just wanted to let you know and keep you informed so that you are aware of our future plans and challenges.

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