England Athletics connecting with local clubs

England Athletics connecting with local clubs

One of the many benefits of affiliating as a club with England Athletics is the opportunity to receive support from a Club Support Manager.  Emma Davenport gives a brief overview of her role covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

Supporting volunteers is a large part of the Club Support Manager  role. It has been great to meet so many enthusiastic volunteers covering such a wide range of roles whilst visiting the clubs across the 4 counties.

England Athletics have highlighted volunteers and volunteering as a key priority   over the next 4 years and was successful in securing funding to support volunteer development from Sprit of 2012.  Highlighted below are 2 key programmes from England Athletics; which can help support, and develop volunteers with the guidance of the team of Club Support Managers.

Volunteer Champions

The ethos behind the Volunteer Champions training is to support clubs and groups to build and maintain an exceptional volunteering experience for all.

The training  aims to identify the key components for creating a positive volunteering experience throughout a volunteer’s time with a club. It allows those attending to look at the range of motivators different volunteers have, and to utilise this knowledge to increase satisfaction and retention rates. An aim is to help  clubs build an inclusive volunteering environment and identify strategies to increase the diversity of its volunteers.

As part of the training the team will help the clubs begin preparing  an action plan; incorporating ideas and best practices which should result in developing an improved volunteer experience.  All of which can be followed up and supported by your local CSM.  
The dates for the future volunteer champions training will be on the England Athletics website soon. If your club would be interested in hosting the training, please speak to your local CSM.

Game Changers

Funded by our partners Spirt of 2012, our Game Changers Young Volunteer Programme offers clubs the opportunity to apply for a package of support, which aims to encourage more young people aged 14-25 to volunteer at the club.

This can help the club increase the number of volunteers they have available, whilst providing a high quality, supported experience for the young volunteers. 

The next open window for applications to Game Changers is in January 2018, more information can be found on the England Athletics website, or speak to your CSM about your club becoming involved.

Volunteer Conference

Our very first Team Spirit conference has the aim of supporting you to get the most from your volunteering and will focus around four key areas:

  • GROW – helping you to learn more about developing opportunities
  • LEARN – from fellow volunteers and speakers about areas that will help you
  • SHARE – your successes and guidance to help others
  • CELEBRATE – an opportunity to come together and be proud of the impact you make.

It will take place on Saturday 3rd February at Birmingham University. Click here for more information.

Clubs can contact their Club Support Manager direct; click here for full details of the Club Support Managers or go to www.englandathletics.org/your-area.

Photo; Volunteers Graham Holbrook, Simon O’Meara, Maxine Benson and Brian Schofield
attending the recent volunteer champions' training in Trafford with delivery by Annie Clark.


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