Development opportunities coming up for athletes and coaches

Development opportunities coming up for athletes and coaches

We are pleased to invite coaches and athletes to attend our upcoming Regional Coach and Athlete Days. Starting in August these days include event specific Technical Workshops, with practical sessions for coaches and athletes, as well as opportunities to share ideas and discuss key subjects.

The days will bring coaches and athletes together to network, share ideas and improve coaching practice. As well as discussing key topics with some great presenters the coaches and their athletes will be able to take part in training and practical sessions where they work through how best to implement their skills and knowledge in a practical training environment.

Details of these and other future events are can be viewed at Further events will be added throughout the winter.

England Athletics Head of Athlete and Coach Development Martin Rush said, “There was very positive feedback from the athletes and coaches involved in these events last time. The event specific nature of the days means the Technical Workshops that are held can be really be focussed on these practical applications for the coaches and their athletes. As well as engaging with the coaches who are leading the days the coaches and athletes also get great benefit from the interaction with each other.

“The Regional Coach and Athlete Days provide a very good environment for both coach and athlete development with people able to go away and apply what they have learned and explored in their coaching and training.”

The days are aimed at Coaches who have completed the Athletics Coach qualification (or the old Level 2) and above. The Technical Workshops will be delivered by the England Athletics Regional Coach Leads with the support from National Level Coaches in the Regions. Athletes can attend but coaches will be limited to one athlete to enable a valuable learning experience to all coaches and athletes.

The first set of events take place on Sunday 19 August and Sunday 14 October with details as follows (see below for more about the event specific content)

Sunday 19 August

Sunday 14 October

The first wave of events on 19 August will see athletes and coaches starting the day by looking at identifying physical limitations that could inhibit performance and progression using functional movement screening. This sessions is largely practical.

There will be event specific sessions for the athletes and coaches building on this and looking at how to take the findings into account. Sessions will include:


Looking at effective warm ups to incorporate the outcomes from the physical preparation and movement screening. Developing acceleration and transition into max speed phase. The Regional Coaching Leads working with coaches to identify tangible learning outcomes such as what to coach and improving performance.


An 800m and 5000m training session highlighting the differences by looking at the key factors affecting performance, including physical preparation, for 800m and 5000m runners. Is there a difference? How best to tailor sessions to meet these needs and then reviewing if this has been effectively achieved.


Specific practical activities to incorporate and explore the morning session. This will address how some of the limitations identified in the morning can be incorporated into a general to specific warm-up. Hammer and shot technical sessions.


A session looking at effective warm ups to incorporate the outcomes  from the physical preparation and movement screening followed by looking at developing acceleration and run construction. The Regional Coaching Leads working with coaches to identify tangible learning outcomes such as what to coach and improving performance.

Click here to download a PDF with details of the August Regional Coach and Athlete Days (PDF 368kB)

Details of future events will be published on the England Athletics website at

Additional opportunity for endurance coaches

Also coming up is the South West Endurance Network Conference 2018 in Exeter on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October. Booking is available at

Taking place at the The Devon Hotel, Old Matford Lane, Exeter EX2 8XU the event is focussed on the use of technology. The conference aims to explore available technology in; health, nutrition, physical preparation, biomechanics, injury, planning, and performance prediction. Topics covered will include Nutrition, Technology in Functional Movement Screening analysis, Biomechanical video analysis (with focus on identifying Hamstring issue in training interval environment), Injury, Training Peaks (its applications in performance / training analysis and periodisation planning) and ‘The use of technology in physiological prediction and development’.

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