Cheshire coaches and athletes pass on their skills

Cheshire coaches and athletes pass on their skills

On the 9th October 2010, Cheshire Athletics Network hosted another successful event; a Coach and Athlete Development Day. The idea for the day was thought up by Bob Lynch of Macclesfield Harriers, who, with many years of coaching experience, wanted to use the day for coaches and athletes to develop not just their specific event, but also to open their minds to non-traditional athletics events such as aqua-jogging, pilates and gymnastics.

CheshireBob explained, “it was quite different to normal training sessions, but then this is what was planned.  Hopefully people took away some ideas and techniques that will benefit them in their chosen events.” 

The first part of the day involved coaches and athletes splitting off into their event groups which were hammer, discus, endurance and pole vault.  Each event had a lead coach (Rod Grant-smith - pole vault, Ronnie and Mike Bomba - hammer and discus and Pauline Lynch - endurance) who worked in groups with both coaches and athletes.

Pauline, the Endurance Coach for event stated, “The whole idea of the endurance session was to allow a large group of athletes of different ages and abilities to spark off one another and to sample a series of training sessions that were deliberately designed to take people out of their comfort zone.  It is essential to be able to train above your normal race pace for at least half your normal distance, if you want to run faster for longer.  Certainly on the day everybody entered fully into the spirit of the sessions”.

Cheshire wall bars coachingThe second part of the day then saw coaches and athletes taking part in Aqua Jogging, Gymnastics and Pilates.  These activities, lead by instructors from Macclesfield Leisure Centre, gave all involved different ideas of training for strength and conditioning and injury rehabilitation. One coach who attended the day said, “I loved the aqua aerobics, it was an excellent day for both coach and athlete.” 

This was the second event held by the Cheshire Athletics Network with 43 coaches and athletes from the following clubs attending South Cheshire, West Cheshire, Spectrum Striders, Macclesfield Harriers, Crewe and Nantwich AC, Warrington AC, Dash AC and even Liverpool and Pembroke AC.  Bob Lynch event organiser said, “This first development day put on by the Cheshire Athletics network was a real success.  It clearly demonstrated that a number of clubs, coaches and athletes can come together to share experiences and benefit from collective training.  Yes it was hard and challenging but I look forward to being able to participate in the next day in the series.”

Vicky Huyton, Cheshire Athletics Network Coordinator added, “once again Cheshire has proven that working together really does work! We had some excellent coaches delivering the events on the day and all involved are looking forward to taking their new experiences back to their own clubs.“

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