Cheshire Athletics Network host their first event

Cheshire Athletics Network host their first event

Cheshire AN Andy and young male athletes300Cheshire Athletics Network hosted their first event of many as a network on Wednesday 22nd September 2010.

The event was hosted at Vale Royal AC at the Knight Grange Sports Complex in Windsford and involved 40 members of various clubs.

The aim of the event was not only to officially launch the network but to make members of the clubs involved aware of how they could benefit from the partnership work which will be taking place.

CheshireMembers from various club within the network turned up to take part in a handicapped event, which involved being paired up with another person dependant upon their individual one mile time.  This of course meant members of different clubs teaming up together to completed as many laps as they could as a pair in 20 minutes. 

Event organiser Alan Parsons of Vale Royal AC said, “The challenge of mixing dedicated track athletes with passionate road runners created an electric atmosphere where, after careful handicapping, almost every team had a chance to run beyond their expectation and - despite the wet conditions - thoroughly enjoy the racing and the dinner afterwards.  Even days afterwards the Watchers (those watching each team as they completed the toil of laps and handed the batons over) revelled in the atmospheric rivalry and passion that the event produced.  It will be the first of many such events I am sure.”

Cheshire AN Start line550

Vicky Huyton, Cheshire Athletics Network Coordinator commented, “What a fantastic event this was, it really showed just how enthusiastic the clubs are to be involved with the network.  This event will be first of many!”