Anti-doping update - WADA 2019 Prohibited list

Anti-doping update - WADA 2019 Prohibited list

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list, which is updated at least annually, identifies substances and methods which athletes are prohibited from using under the anti-doping rules. The 2019 version of this list which comes into effect on 1 January 2019 is available.

Athletes and coaches should make themselves aware of this list and where they can find further anti-doping information.

The 2019 list and a summary of major modifications can be found here

Further information regarding Anti-Doping is available at

We would in particular also draw your attention too the following:

UKA Supplements Statement

We would encourage all athletes and coaches to look at the UKA statement regarding the use of supplements. This statement sets out UKA’s supplements position and provides clear advice to athletes, and those who support them, on how to reduce the real risk of inadvertent doping posed by supplement use.

To view the full position statement please go to and encourage other coaches and athletes you know to read this information.

Other information regarding anti-doping can also be found on the UKA website in the section at Please also be aware of the information at www.informed-sport.comincluding the information regarding the misuse of the Informed Sport logo which can be viewed at

100%me Clean Sport App

Another very useful way to ensure you are fully aware of the latest anti-doping information is to use the 100%me Clean Sport App. This App is available to download via iTunes, Googleplay or the Windows Store and provides athletes, coaches and athlete support personnel with essential information on-the-go to help them participate in doping-free sport.

The App, which can be customised for your sport, provides clear and concise anti-doping advice, guidance and updates to ensure you can be clean and stay clean wherever you are training or competing.

If you need to check your medication, learn more about the risks with supplements, or simply understand more about the testing procedures and your rights as an athlete, the App is the place to start.

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) ensures the App is always up-to-date and will send out alerts to inform you if anything important has changed. That means if a new substance is added to the WADA Prohibited List or a deadline is approaching for Whereabouts submissions, you will be the first to know.

Other features include the ability to record and store information about your medications for doping control, plus directly access the Report Doping in Sport online form.

More information on this handy App can be found here

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