Additional GDPR Guidance for Clubs

Additional GDPR Guidance for Clubs

Prior to the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on 25 May we sent an update to clubs about the resources that we have available for them.

You can see below information on what is available to your club as well as how you can ensure you, and others in your club, continue to receive the information that you want from England Athletics.

A new framework

In addition to the advice, guidance and templates that we have made available over the last 6 months, working with Black Penny Consulting, England Athletics have developed a practical tool that clubs and other Athletics and Running organisations can use to document, audit and check and challenge their processes involving data.

This framework will act as step-by-step guide and checklist for clubs covering the following:

  • Map how data is collected, stored, transferred and retained
  • List all data processing activities undertaken
  • Record why the data processing exists
  • Identifies risks
  • List third- parties that data is shared with
  • Provides templates to record ongoing data protection activity.


To help, much of the framework is pre-populated so it reflects the type of data and processing that happens across the sport.

We hope that clubs will find the framework useful and you can use it as your record and audit trail if you ever have to respond to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Please access the framework, templates and all our guidance at

Stay in the loop

Also, under new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), for certain communications, we need to be able to prove we have permission to email people in the sport. We would like to take this opportunity to ensure that, when we need your consent to do so, we are emailing only those who really want to hear from us!

We would welcome it if clubs could promote this fact to your athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. Please signpost them to this information on our website

Or you may wish to use the following wording in an email, on your website or Facebook Page:

England Athletics has been asking people involved in the sport, particularly as athletes, coaches or officials to log in to their England Athletics profile to confirm details including their mailing preferences.

This is being done due to important changes in the ways England Athletics has made to how it communicates with the sport and the new General Data Protection Regulations that recently came into effect.

If you have not yet done so, please go to to confirm your details, and use the Forgotten URN or Forgotten Password links if needed. (In the event that you have not received a link / reminder within one hour, please check your spam and junk folders.)

This will enable you to receive key information and other information in line with your stated preferences.

Our news, straight to your inbox

Want to receive news like this direct to your inbox? Just to to confirm your details and the types of information you want to receive.

You can use the Forgotten URN or Forgotten Password links if needed. (In the event that you have not received a link / reminder within one hour, please check your spam and junk folders.)


Registered athletes

For more information about being a registered athlete and the offers available to you head to


Opportunities for coaches

Find out about development opportunities available for coaches with England Athletics at

For details of coaching qualifications see

For details of a range of other workshops see or

Many of the events and workshops available from England Athletics can be booked via uLearn. If you need a guide to help you creat an account / log in and book please click here (PDF - 900K).