Endurance Coach Development

Runners at start of 2017 National 4 Stage Road Relay

The England Athletics National Endurance Manager (Track) is Hayley Hemmings.
email Hayley at hhemmings@englandathletics.org or call 07388 852204.

The England Athletics National Endurance Manager (Off Track) is Tom Craggs.
email Tom at tcraggs@englandathletics.org

Talent coach mentors

Helping coaches to move athletes up the pathway:


A range of opportunities are available for endurance coaches throughout the year, these include:

  • Regional Coach and Athlete workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Conferences
  • Marathon programme
  • Steeplechase programme
  • Race Walk programme

Regional Coach and Athlete workshops

England Athletics runs a series of Regional Coach and Athlete Training Days across the country between September and March. Delivered by elite-level coaches, these practical event-specific sessions are tailored to either Speed, Endurance, Jumps or Throws and are perfect for club-based athletes and coaches looking to develop in areas including training, preparation and technique.


Event specific activity delivered by UK and world leading practitioners; these are smaller get togethers where a limited number of coaches can ask specific questions and explore the coaching requirements in deeper detail with the individual presenters.


One or two-day events bringing coaches together for world class content and practice. The aim will be to hold these annually where possible tying in with partners such as the European Athletics Association and the other home countries.

Targeted events

Specific event queries, camps and events:

Marathon programme

For a number of years England Athletics has delivered a marathon programme which has supported many athletes to progress through the development pathway to senior representative opportunities and major championships for England and Great Britain.

In 2023 the marathon programme will be delivering targeted support to athletes on the Senior Programme who have the marathon as a key aim. Eligible athletes and coaches on the Senior Programme will have been contacted about upcoming opportunities. With a base of marathon runners in place running wider development standards, the programme’s goal is now to support athletes and coaches to achieve major championship selection standards and feel ready to perform at major races and championships.

If you are an athlete, or coach and athlete, who is not on the Senior Programme but who meets the following standards in the last 12 months and who is looking to step up to the marathon over the next 12-18 months, please contact Tom Craggs, England Athletics Marathon Lead (email Tom at tcraggs@englandathletics.org) for more information about opportunities that might be available.

Our standards

  • Women: 10k / 10,000m: 32:45 / Half Marathon 72:30
  • Men: 10k / 10,000m: 29:00 / Half Marathon 63:45

Steeplechase Programme

England Athletics will run a series of coach and athlete training days for all interested in steeplechase. Helen Clitheroe will be working with leading steeplechase coaches and will be organising these days with the aim of providing practical advice and training tips to coaches and athletes looking to transfer into and develop in the event.

Contact Helen Clitheroe at hclitheroe@englandathletics.org

Race Walk Programme

England Athletics will run a series of coach and athlete training and development camps at the National Race Walking Centre in Leeds. In addition, we will run a series of ‘taster sessions’ and regional coach and athlete activities.

Contact Andi Drake at adrake@englandathletics.org

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