Satellite Clubs

The Satellite Clubs programme gives England Athletics affiliated clubs the opportunity to apply for a package of support to encourage more young people aged between 14-25 to start or become more physically active through athletics and running.

The Satellite Club programme provides affiliated clubs with a fantastic opportunity to support young people to get fitter, healthier and involved in athletics, as well as increasing the number of leaders and coaches in clubs and helping their longer-term development.

Track & Field Satellite Clubs

Since 2011 England Athletics have been supporting affiliated clubs with Satellite Club funding to enable them to deliver additional sessions outside of normal club nights or at alternative venues. Many of these clubs are still thriving and this programme has funding available for clubs who would like to set up new Satellite Club activity for young athletes between 14-25 years of age. Funding can support clubs to pay for coaching qualifications, hire suitable venues, promote their activity and purchase essential equipment.

We open applications windows at different times during the year.  Applications are currently closed.

RunTogether Satellite Clubs

England Athletics also provides an opportunity for running clubs to apply for a funding package to help establish new RunTogether groups specifically targeting young people aged between 14-25. Funding can be accessed both by running clubs with no current RunTogether group and also to running clubs who have launched a RunTogether group (but not currently focused on 14-25 year olds). Funding of up to £550 is available per group.

We open applications windows at different times during the year.  Applications are currently closed.

The launch of RunTogether in January 2017 has led to a growth in social running; over 1,545 groups are now using the leader resources including their own website, runners online registration, support of a Run Leader Mentor and being able to update session registers via a phone app. RunTogether groups can be set up by any licensed Leaders in Running Fitness, Coach in Running Fitness or Athletics Coaches, and are able to run leader-led sessions for attendees 12 years and over.

You may have links locally to schools and colleges who would be interested in having an after school running club. Your club may support a local community race or event and introduce a course to help the young people train in advance. Or you may want to develop a junior section of your road running club for over 12s.


RunAndRevise applications are currently closed.

For more information on any of these programmes please contact: