Club Standards

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Supporting volunteers to create well governed and safe athletics and running clubs.

England Athletics have produced a set of Club Standards in line with legal legislation and the Code of Sports Governance (Tier 1) set out by Sport England to help clubs understand what they should have in place for good governance and duty of care:

  • Good governance is the foundation of a well-run It protects the club’s values and reputation whilst looking after the club’s funds and people. It also holds those responsible accountable for the club’s actions and decisions. It’s represented by the structures, rules, policies and practices in operation in a club.
  • Duty of care is a common law that applies to all individuals and organisations. Clubs have a duty of care towards their members and are responsible for ensuring all club activity is safe. Everyone has a role to play in keeping others safe. All club members should know what to do if they have any concerns.

Club Standards have been created to help clubs with governance and duty of care. Having the standards in place will help clubs to:

  • Be legally compliant
  • Protect and support volunteers in their roles
  • Ensure members are accessing club activity safely, protecting them from harm, incidents, and accidents.
  • Minimises club issues and conflicts
  • Gives their members the confidence that the volunteers have the interests of the club at heart, and are making decisions based on what’s is right for the club
  • Engage with their members so they the club operates and can contribute to the success
  • Have happier members, less churn, bigger growth and perform better
  • Save time when policies or procedures need to be adopted

Support and Guidance

England Athletics are in the process of developing Club Standards within the myAthletics portal to enable clubs to manage and work through a checklist of 7 standards, upload documents and self-declare what they have in place. Clubs will have access to Club Hub where you can find guidance and templates to help you achieve the standards.

What are the Club Standards?

A club constitution outlines the clubs’ purpose, functions and the rules under which it will operate.  A club must have a constitution that is reflective of the legal structure, agreed by all the committee and fit for purpose.

MyAthletics Portal will ask clubs to:

  • Declare your legal structure
  • Declare you have a fit for purpose constitution
  • Upload your constitution

Resources to support clubs:

A Club should have a committee that is made up of representatives to fulfil the following roles

  1. Club Chair
  2. Club Treasurer
  3. Club Secretary
  4. Club Membership Secretary
  5. Welfare Officer
  6. DBS Verifier

*Please note the Club Chair & Treasurer must not be the same person

Conflicts of interest should be recognised, managed by the chair and recorded. At least three of the people on the committee should be unrelated or not cohabiting.

myAthletics Portal will ask clubs to:

  • Allocate the above committee roles to volunteers


We hope that you don’t have many club disputes to deal with, but if you do the committee will be responsible for managing this. Clubs should have a policy (if managing grievance and disciplinary is not included in the constitution. The policy will provide the club with a clear process on how to manage grievance and disciplinary matters.

For the portal clubs will be asked to;

  • Declare if they have a policy
  • Upload their Grievance and disciplinary Policy

Resources to support Clubs:

Clubs must have a Privacy Statement/ Notice and Privacy Policy in place and to ensure members are aware of how their data will be processed and so the club remain compliant with current data protection legislation. The statement and policy need to inform all athletes that their data will be passed and processed by England Athletics.

myAthletics Portal will ask clubs to:

  • Declare if they are GDPR compliant
  • Upload the privacy statement and privacy policy (optional)

Resources to support Clubs:

Clubs should have an inclusion policy that outline how the club will make reasonable adjustments for everybody to take part as well as promote a change in attitudes and perceptions towards the characteristics protected under the Equality Act (2010).

myAthletics Portal will ask clubs to:

  • Declare if they have an Inclusion Policy
  • Upload the Inclusion Policy (optional)

Resources to support clubs:

Agree and implement the UKA & HCAF Club Safeguarding Code of Conduct. This code includes policies and procedures that club should adopt, Welfare Officer guidance, checks on volunteers, coaches and officials and behavioural standards.

myAthletics portal will ask clubs to:

  • Agree to implementing the UKA and Home Countries Safeguarding code of conduct
  • Agree to ensuring all club members have agreed and signed a code of conduct relevant for their role
  • Appoint a minimum of one Welfare Officers that are appropriately trained. The number of welfare officers may depend on the size and type of club. England Athletics provides an online safeguarding course which can be booked through Athletics Hub and a face to face workshop (Time to Listen) that must be completed by Club Welfare Officers.
  • Clubs should only use appropriately qualified and licenced UKA coaches or leaders at a level relevant to their membership base and activities.

Resources to support Clubs:

All of the below can be found in the Club safeguarding & welfare category of the resource section.

  • UKA & HCAF Club Safeguarding Code of Conduct
  • Code of conducts (Young athletes, senior athletes, coaches and leaders, technical officials, volunteers, parents and carers and welfare officer)
  • Adult safeguarding policy
  • Adult safeguarding procedure
  • Child safeguarding policy
  • Child safeguarding procedure

Clubs should implement a Health & Safety policy and associated risk assessments. Both the Policy and Risk Assessment should be written down, accepted by the Committee and then communicated to all members in a simple and easy to understand way.

myAthletics Portal will ask clubs to:

  • Declare they have a health & safety policy
  • Declare they have the associated Risk assessments
  • Upload their documents (optional)

Resources to support clubs: