Affiliating your club

Affiliation categories

Club affiliation of England Athletics is granted in three categories:

  1. Voluntary Club – A voluntary sports club is defined as an amateur, non-profit making collective of unpaid personnel whose main purpose is providing athletics activities and/or competition as a leisure pursuit. This does not exclude any clubs who may fundraise or generate profits which are 100% re-invested in the club.
  2. Non-Voluntary Organisation – Any organised body which provides athletics activity but does not match the definition of a voluntary club. This body could be a commercial business, a leisure centre or provider, charity or a group running with paid leaders from a sports retailer.
  3. Virtual Club – All online Clubs with no designated venue, training base or location. Its membership base will be made up of athletes from all geographical locations and utilise technology on digital platforms to communicate and provide help, assistance and training plans.

The benefits provided by England Athletics to registered athletes of all three categories are the same irrespective of which type of affiliated body the athletes are members of. The offers available change throughout the year.

Associations, leagues or event promoters may also apply to be affiliated members of England Athletics:

  • Associations and leagues who provide individual and inter-club team competition under UKA Rules for the members of affiliated clubs on behalf of the sport’s Governing Bodies should affiliate for the purpose of specific event insurance.
  • Event Promoters who wish to affiliate for the purposes of organising events under UKA rules and to secure insurance for such competitions or events can apply to be a member of England Athletics.

The affiliation process

The procedures in place for considering new club applications are designed to ensure that new applicants will enhance the provision of athletics in this country. It will also help new clubs and organisations to consider some important questions about the type and quality of activities that they wish to provide.

The procedure to apply for affiliation with England Athletics is as follows:

  1. Applicants can download the appropriate application form from the menu on the right hand side of this page. This needs to be completed and sent to the Member Engagement Team. A cheque for £150 should be sent along with the application form, made out to England Athletics. No cheques will be banked until a decision has been made.
  2. The applicant will receive an acknowledgement receipt from the Member Engagement Team.
  3. The Member Engagement Team will ensure all criteria has been met and a decision will be communicated to the applicant within 6-8 weeks.

Further guidance on decision criteria, applicant evidence and the appeals process is detailed in the Affiliation Application Guidelines document which can be downloaded from the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Clubs and organisations should avoid making any assumptions about their application until a decision has been made. We advise that applicants do not order club kit, stationery or other items that make reference to being affiliated to England Athletics until a decision has been made.

NOTE: To ensure that a club has sufficient safeguards in place for the organisations and individuals, England Athletics, following legal advice, encourage incorporation where a club employs staff or enters into contracts and / or has an interest in property.

Using the portals

You can ensure your club’s affiliation is up-to-date through the club management area of the myAthletics portal which fulfils a range of functions. This includes giving clubs the ability to administer and collect their club’s membership payments online.

A Help and Support section is available through the myAthletics portal to help club membership secretaries and others use the portal effectively.

Club members, including coaches and officials, can use the myAthletics portal to keep their profile up-to-date, as well as ensuring their DBS check is current.

Encouraging your club members to visit the myAthletics portal and keep their own personal profile up to date will minimise the administrative work required by the Club Secretary.  It also means athletes are sent the information they want to receive directly to them, in accordance with the communications preferences they have set through their profile.

Affiliation and registration fees

Club affiliation and athlete/runner registration fees in England are among the lowest of comparable membership bodies and governing bodies for other sports. England Athletics will continue to listen to views expressed by those involved in the sport to ensure fair and effective provision across athletics and running.

We are also mindful of the need to continually listen to our member clubs and participants and to evidence where we are spending your affiliation fees to support and develop the sport. As a membership organisation we work to ensure people trust the decisions that we make and feel pleased to be a part of the England Athletics family.

The affiliation and registration fees are set in order to meet our strategic priorities to grow our sport. In direct response to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, England Athletics has continued to provide clubs and athletes with flexibility around affiliation and registration for the coming 2021/22 year:

Previous year (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021)

  • Athlete registration fee was £15 per person.
  • Club affiliation fee was £150 per club/member body.

Details for 2021/22 year (1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022)

  • Athlete registration fee fixed at £15 per person (for the fifth consecutive year)
  • Club affiliation fee fixed at £150 per club/member body.

We would hope that clubs will register their athletes with England Athletics by 30 June 2021. However, we recognise that for some clubs this may be difficult given the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Therefore, the deadline for athlete registration will again be extended for those clubs that need this flexibility by two months from 30 June to 31 August 2021. A substantial number of registrations were paid last year between April and June and we would greatly appreciate a similar approach this year if clubs are in a position to make payments during this period. All clubs and member bodies are required to affiliate with us by 30 April 2021 and the individual affiliation fee of £150 is therefore due to be paid by 30 April 2021.

Athlete Eligibility

In the event of a licensed competition taking place prior to 31 August 2021, athletes who were registered during 2020/2021 will be eligible for competition up until 31 August. Competition checker facilities will be amended to reflect this decision. The need to register prior to the date of an event applies to any athletes who were not registered in 2020/2021 even if they have been registered in previous years.

Affiliated Clubs

You can download a document showing England Athletics’ currently affiliated athletics and running clubs, including details of the disciplines for which they are affiliated to compete as a club from the menu on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any queries with this information please contact the Member Engagement Team.

Outlook & Priorities for 2021/22

As we look to the upcoming affiliation and registration year, we are continuing to prioritise our comprehensive scenario planning. In doing so we remain committed to:

  • Enabling a swift, safe, and progressive return of our sport, including training and competition at grassroots level by again providing timely COVID-19 secure guidance and investment in, and delivery of, a robust event licensing structure
  • Continuing to provide our popular discounted online education, training and qualification opportunities for coaches and leaders, officials, road race providers, and social runners, as well as free resources, webinars, forums and workshops delivered by our digital platforms
  • Promoting England Championship-level competition, supporting talented club athletes and coaches through our talent pathway, and continuing our preparations ahead of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • Providing clubs, athletes, and runners with expert advice on key issues such as facilities, funding applications and club governance through our Club Support and Participation, Coaching and Athlete Development, and Membership Engagement teams
  • Further rollout of our Club Support Fund in 2021/2022, with £45,000 already allocated in February 2021, with further grants available in additional funding rounds from March 2021 onwards.

Get in touch

If you have a problem or query relating to club affiliation or athlete registration you can contact our Member Engagement Team via the Contact Us page.