Managing Athlete Registrations

Athlete registration

Athlete registration is a well-established part of the sport. It is essential that competing athletes are registered with England Athletics and aware of their registration details. Once registered with England Athletics, athletes can also access a wide range of exclusive benefits and services.

Club membership secretaries are responsible for making sure that their athletes are registered with England Athletics. This can be done through the club management area of the myAthletics portal (which club membership secretaries have access to). Through the myAthletics portal, clubs can send payment requests to their members, pay fees online or manually mark athletes as ‘paid’ to ensure their registration status is up-to-date.

All athletes will be sent their registration pack digitally (via a link in an email) – including a digital membership card for new members (with their Unique Registration Number – URN). It is vital that clubs submit a correct email address for each athlete registered so that athletes can receive their pack – and clubs will also benefit from reminding their members to keep their personal profiles up-to-date on the myAthletics portal.

The UKA Rules for Competition include rules regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules. It is important that athletes, club membership secretaries, team managers and others are aware of this and the associated guidance.

The current version of the UKA Rules for Competition 2018 came into effect on 1st April 2018. UKA Rules apply from the Under 13 Age Group upwards. The rule book is available to download at the UKA website.

You can also download a guidance document from the menu on the right hand side of this page to find guidance relating to athlete registrations and how to work in a practical way to comply with the UKA Rules for Competition. This document is aimed at:

  • Club membership secretaries
  • Team managers
  • Coaches
  • Event organisers

Advice for athletes and parents of young athletes can be viewed through the Athlete Registration pages in the Athletics & Running section of our website.

If an athlete is registered for the first ever time in January – March, their registration fee also covers the following affiliation year, beginning 1 April. Note – this does not apply to lapsed athletes or those who have changed clubs, it only applies to those being registered with England Athletics for the very first time.

Checks on athlete registration

England Athletics, UKA and event organisers work in partnership to ensure that checks on England Athletics athlete registrations are carried out. Road races are able to use a ‘competition checker’ as well as race entries taken through runbritain automatically being checked for a valid England Athletics registration.

Checks on athletes also involve the use of Power of 10 to check that those athletes featuring in results submitted to Power of 10 hold the appropriate England Athletics registration.

Random and systematic checks are carried out by England Athletics in addition to those made by competition providers. Competition providers can upload spreadsheets of entrant/ competitor details for carrying out automated checks. England Athletics works with partners, including clubs and competition providers, to minimise the number of instances in which disqualification due to ineligibility occurs. The number of unregistered athletes remains low.

Clubs are responsible for registering their athletes with England Athletics (see below for further detail on athlete affiliation costs and deadlines).

Guidance for club membership secretaries

By using the myAthletics portal to manage your club’s membership, the online payment functionality will ensure that athletes paying their club membership and registration fee through the portal will show as registered as soon as payment is made.

We also recommend:

  • You make your athletes (and parents of young athletes) aware of the importance of paying their club membership fees and England Athletics registration fee.
  • Agreeing a process with team managers for them to check athlete registrations – it is possible to export lists of athletes (including their URNs – also sometimes referred to as licence or England Athletics number) from the myAthletics portal so they can check athlete statuses and know their URNs.
  • You ensure that you submit the correct personal email address for each of the athletes you register – all athlete registration packs will be sent out digitally-only (direct to athletes via email). Therefore, athletes will only be able to receive their registration packs, including their digital membership card (containing their Unique Registration Number – URN), if the correct email details have been submitted.
  • Encourage athletes (and parents) to visit the myAthletics portal to check that their details are correct, they know their URN and that they have an up-to-date email address stored against their profile
  • Encourage club coaches to support you in this process – ask them to check the athletes they know are currently active are registered with England Athletics

Athlete registration fees

Athlete/ runner registration fees in England are among the lowest of comparable membership bodies and governing bodies for other sports. England Athletics will continue to listen to views expressed by those involved in the sport to ensure fair and effective provision across athletics and running.

We are also mindful of the need to continually listen to our member clubs and participants and to evidence where we are spending your affiliation fees to support and develop the sport. As a membership organisation we want people to trust the decisions that we make and to feel pleased to be a part of the England Athletics family.

The athlete registration fees are set in order to meet our strategic priorities to grow our sport. In direct response to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, England Athletics has continued to provide clubs and athletes with flexibility around affiliation and registration for the coming 2021/22 year:

Previous year (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021)

  • Athlete registration fee was £15 per person.

Details for 2021/22 year (1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022)

  • Athlete registration fee fixed at £15 per person (for the fifth consecutive year).

We would hope that clubs will register their athletes with England Athletics for the 2021/22 year by 30 June 2021. However, we recognise that for some clubs this may be difficult given the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Therefore, the deadline for athlete registration will again be extended for those clubs that need this flexibility by two months from 30 June to 31 August 2021. A substantial number of registrations were paid last year between April and June and we would greatly appreciate a similar approach this year if clubs are in a position to make payments during this period.

Change of club

For full details on the athlete change of club process please click here.

Foreign athlete registration

You can also download a list of approved foreign athlete registrations from the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Due to the current situation, Foreign Athletes from 2021 will automatically be registered for 2022 – you can see your registered members for the previous year in a list made available on the menu on the right hand side of this page. We do not require you to send in any renewal forms for 2021/22, please only send new Foreign Athlete applications.

New Rule Update: The £10 fee for Foreign Athlete registration is now only required for the 1st year of registration, see rule 21 S 5 (5) in UKA Rules for Competition. The rules can be viewed at

Registering New Foreign Athletes

If you wish to register new foreign athletes for the year, please complete the application form, email to and please make a BACS payment using the details below:

UK Athletics
Sort: 30 64 10
Account: 31040560
Reference: ForeignAthlete

Higher Competition Athletes

To compete for a club as a Higher Competition Athlete an athlete must complete the Higher Competition Athlete Form and make the appropriate payment. Athletes and Clubs are reminded that this process closes on 1 March each year. The £10 fee payable to UK Athletics for Higher Competition registration is only required for the 1st year of registration (2021 update of  UKA rule 21 S 3 (4).)

Important Update

Due to the current situation, Higher Competition athletes from 2020 will automatically be registered for 2021, you can see your registered members for 2020 in the lists to the right under ‘Useful links & downloads’. We do not require you to send in any renewal forms for 2021, please only send new Higher Competition applications.

Registering New Higher Competition Athletes

If you wish to register new Higher Competition athletes for the year, please complete the Higher Competition application form, email to Michelle at and make a BACS payment using the details on the form (£10 per athlete).

  • More information regarding Higher Competition Athletes can be found in the UKA Rules for Competition (Rule 21 S3 (4)).
  • You can download the application forms from the right hand side of this page.
  • For any queries please contact Michelle:

First Claim for other discipline

An application form can also be completed by those athletes wishing to compete for a new Club in a discipline for which their First Claim Club does not affiliate.

  • You can download the application forms from the right hand side of this page.
  • For any queries please contact Michelle:

Using the portals

A Help and Support section is available through the myAthletics portal to help club membership secretaries and others use it effectively and ensure that all of their athletes are registered.

Get in touch

If you have a problem or query relating to athlete registration you can contact our Member Engagement Team via the Contact us page.