Game Changers

Game Changers

Funded by our partners Spirt of 2012, the Game Changers Youth Volunteering Programme offers clubs the opportunity to apply for a package of support, to involve more young people aged between 14-25 in volunteering opportunities at the club.

This can be in a number of roles, dependent on what they are interested in and your needs, including officiating, coaching, event marshalling and more.

The Game Changers Youth Volunteering Programme provides clubs with a fantastic opportunity to not only increase the number of volunteers supporting you at the club, but also to improve the experience of young people who do volunteer, rewarding and celebrating their achievements and providing them with the chance to develop skills and experience in the roles they take on.

Bracknell Athletics Club who got involved last year have been supporting 10 young people through their Coaching Assistants Course.

The young people have had the chance to learn and develop new skills and gain experience through a wide range of opportunities, including weekly coaching sessions, officiating at events, leading groups of young athletes at the Quad Kids tournament and planning their own sessions.  The impact the project has had on the club is huge, as it has enabled Bracknell to clear their year 5 waiting list as an additional 2 coaching groups can run mid-week.

Caroline Bennett, who coordinates the Game Changers Programme at Bracknell says, “Not only has the club benefited hugely but so have the Game Changers. I can see they have grown in confidence, they are proud to be coaches and give back to their club. Their communication has improved, their organisation and their self-esteem.


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