Composite Club teams

Composite Club teams

Composite Team application for 2018

Rule 21 S 4 (4) – Composite Teams requires that all clubs intending to enter composite teams in league competitions must register their intention by September 30th in the previous year.

If you intend to continue your existing arrangement into 2018 you should complete and return the composite club form and contact details (you can download these from the bottom of this page).

There is no fee to renew as a composite club, but we do require the form to confirm the composite status before the 30th September 2017.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Membership Services on 0121 347 6543.  

Guidelines for Composite Teams

  1. Any application for a “Composite Team” must be in the interests of the athletes in the area of the “Composite Team” such that it does not reduce their competition opportunities. Beneficial to club and development in that area, monitored in liaison with network of development and performance staff.
  2. All clubs forming a “Composite Team” will normally be expected to be within an overall distance of 50 miles.
  3. A “Composite Team” will be an amalgam of two to five clubs.
  4. No more than two of the clubs forming a “Composite Team” will normally be in the same track and field league (e.g. Women’s Southern League) if they were to continue competing in that league. If however the reason for forming a “Composite Team” is to apply to a higher league as defined in Rule 21 S 3 (4), then all the clubs forming the “Composite Team” may be in the same league.
  5. The “Composite Team” may enter a track and field league in the higher league of any one of the clubs competing, or alternatively apply to go into the lowest division of a higher league.
  6. The “Composite Team” may apply to compete in any one competition without necessarily being required to compete as that “Composite Team” in all other age group competitions. The application process will require the “Composite Team” to nominate which competition they wish to register for.
  7. Rule 21 S 4  (4) “Composite Clubs” the amalgamation does not require the Constitution of the Clubs involved to be amalgamated but each of the Clubs that are members of the “Composite Team” will be required to make amendments to its own Constitution, including the appointment of Officers at a properly convened General Meeting.
  8. The “Composite Team” will maintain full records of the First Claim status of all their athletes and provide these records when so required.  The “Composite Team” will register their membership with their National Association.
  9. In relation to the guidelines laid out above, exceptional circumstances in Celtic/rural areas will be considered.
  10. Applications for permission to form a “Composite Team shall be made on the application form by 30th September in any one competition year, together with a non-refundable registration fee of £30.00 to UKA. No additional fee is payable to the National Association. 
  11. Each “Composite Team” will need to renew its status annually. Where this is not done the registration will be deemed to have lapsed.  Lapsed teams wishing to reinstate their “Composite Team” status will be required to complete the application process, including the payment of the registration fee.
  12. UK Athletics comprising a representative panel from the Track and Field Advisory Group will consider the applications and will consult with the relevant leagues and the development network.  Appeals will be considered by the UKA Board.
  13. If an athlete competes for their “Composite Team” on any one day, they may not compete for another team in Open Team Competition on the same day.