Tom Wain

Tom Wain

Age: 21
Location: Oxfordshire / Loughborough
Years in athletics: 6
Occupation: Student, - BSc Sports Coaching at Loughborough University
Athletics involvement: Sprints & Hurdles Event Group Coach, Coaching Co-Ordinator, Team Manager

I’m currently in my first year of studying at Loughborough, working towards a BSc in Sports Coaching. My involvement within athletics started fairly late, at the age of 15, when my PE teacher at the time encouraged me to try out my local club, Banbury Harriers. I started out participating in the sport myself, specializing in sprints.

I began to help out with the younger age groups at the age of 16, before my session started, and from there got offered to go on NGB coaching courses, to further my development. 4 years down the line I completed my Event Group qualification and I had set up my own sprints group at the club, whilst still running the younger sessions.

I have now developed my interest of sprinting and am applying it into a range of other sports, such as football and rugby, whilst keeping athletic principles at the heart of my coaching. Currently I am coaching 6 days per week, with a range of different groups, from women's football to Sixth Form athletics.

There isn’t much I do at the moment the isn’t sport-related, whether it's my course, job, or furthering my own knowledge by observing / reading / watching videos; I am always trying to self improve within my area.

I joined the Youth Advisory Group due to my time working with young athletes, and wanting to improve the opportunities the next generation are offered within the sport. I would like to improve the awareness of athletics to all age groups and really demonstrate the positive impacts that it can have on you, both physically and mentally. But most of all, I want everyone to get involved and have fun!