John McOmish

John McOmish

Age: 26
Location: Scotland
Years in athletics: 13
Occupation: Student and part time retail
Athletics involvement: Athlete, Coach, Official, previously Team Manager

My background is primarily athletics, having been involved in the sport for coming up to 13 years now!  However before athletics I was involved in both curling and ten-pin bowling, the latter of which I still dabble in but not as competitively as I was before.

My journey in athletics started out as an athlete with a multi-event background before injury forced my hand and changed my focus to throws.  During my injury period I started my coaching journey and I am currently a UKA Level 2 Throws coach working through the other event groups.  Similarly the officiating journey started around the same time, helping out at league matches in admin before undergoing my Track qualification of which I am currently progressing to level 4.

Outside of athletics, I’ve returned to university to complete my PGDE in Secondary Business Education, building on my undergrad in Business & Sports Studies – both aspects which I believe can help me progress both in and out of sport but also assist in contributing to the AYAG particularly with the business aspects.

One of the reasons I joined YAG was to try and promote the “other” side of athletics (coaching / officiating) to younger athletes when they decide to retire from the competing side.  Many see the officiating side in particular as being associated with older adults - not helped when you consider this at championship level - but this is something I feel needs to be changed!  Everyone can learn from each other, but as the officiating side is becoming more and more technical (Rainbow systems on the track, EDM/VDM on the field, bringing in the younger generation who have grown up with technology can only benefit athletics.