Virtual Road Relay Competition 2020/21

England Athletics Virtual Road Relay Competition 2020/21!

*UPDATE 18/01/21* – Click here to view the fastest 50 club teams from our Qualifying Round who will now progress to the National Round! Runners from qualifying clubs now need to sign-up for the National Round via OpenTrack – click here to enter – which will take place Wed 10 Feb – Mon 15 Feb. Clubs can once again have an uncapped number of their members enter this round with the fastest eight scoring (four men / four women). See below for more details and National Round rules.

At a time when traditional road relays aren’t possible due to Covid-19, England Athletics is hosting an exciting free-to-enter virtual road relay running competition to give runners and clubs from across the country the chance to compete against each other… with the finalists getting an opportunity to represent England in a battle for the title against teams from the other Home Countries!

The Virtual Road Relay Competition 2020/21 will take place in three rounds across the following dates:

*The date window for Round 2 (National Round) has been updated to include two extra days.

The competition is open to all England Athletics registered runners aged 15+ and is across a 5-mile race distance.  Mixed teams of eight (4 x men / 4 x women) are required to complete legs of five miles per runner.

The competition is hosted via the OpenTrack virtual running platform – with runners able to complete their legs individually (adhering to government and England Athletics guidelines, social distancing and competition rules) and then upload their run data as evidence of their run.

The 50 fastest clubs from the Qualifying Round have now progressed to the National Round (Round 2), from which an overall winner will progress to the International Round (Round 3) – gaining the chance to pull on England kit and compete for the title against teams from the other Home Nations.

Scroll down for more information on the three rounds, the entry process and rules.

Competition Rounds

Qualifying Round (Round 1)

In the Qualifying Round (Round 1), clubs could have an uncapped number of their runners enter into the round in order to ensure that as many runners as possible could take part and enjoy the competition. Clubs’ finishing positions were based on the 4 x fastest men and 4 x fastest women from each club.

The Qualifying Round took place during the window of Saturday 26 December 2020 – Wednesday 13 January 2021.

Click here for Qualifying Round details on OpenTrack and click here to view top 50 qualifying clubs who progress to the National Round.

National Round (Round 2)

The 50 fastest clubs from the Qualifying Round now progress to the National Round (Round 2) – taking place between Wednesday 10 February to Monday 15 February 2021.  Clubs that qualify to compete in the National Round will again be able to field an uncapped number of their registered runners – with finishing positions based on the 4 x fastest men and 4 x fastest women from each club. Runners can click here to enter via OpenTrack.

Runners from clubs that qualify to compete in the National Round will need to register for this round via the link above.  Runs for the National Round must take place between 00:01 on 10 February to 23:59 on 15 February and run data submitted by the deadline of midday on 16 February. Please scroll down to view updated rules for Round 2 (National Round).

International Round (Round 3)

The winning club from the National Round will be selected to compete in the International Round – where they will compete against the best teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to be crowned the Virtual Road Relay Competition 2020/21 champions!

Clubs will need to name their runners (4 x men and 4 x women), who will need to register for the International Round and complete their runs from 19 March up to 23:59 on 22 March (with run data submitted by the deadline of midday on 23 March). Full details of the international round will be released in due course.

England Athletics Virtual Road Relay Competition – Round 2 (National Round): Instructions and Rules

Entry to the National Round is via sign-up on OpenTrack – please click here to sign-up.

5 mile (8.05km) relay event where qualified clubs compete as mixed teams of 8 (4 men & 4 women). Please read the information below as some of the details and rules have been modified from Round 1 (Qualifying Round).

  • Only open to the top 50 clubs from Round 1 (Qualifying Round) – click here for confirmation of the 50 qualifying clubs. Runs for Round 2 (National Round) are to take place during the window of Wednesday 10 February (00:01) to Monday 15 February (23:59).
  • Clubs can have as many 1st claim runners as they wish sign-up for Round 2 (National Round) – with top 4 men & top 4 women scoring. Clubs’ finishing positions are based on the 4 fastest men & 4 fastest women with the top club progressing to Round 3 (International Round). Competitors do not need to have taken part in Round 1 of the competition in order to run in Round 2.
  • Sign-in to your OpenTrack account or create an account if needed. All runners must sign-up to compete via the National Round competition entry page on OpenTrack – click here to enter.
  • Race distance is 5 miles (8.05km) per runner and must take place between 00:01 Wednesday 10 February and 23:59 Monday 15 February 2021.
  • Upload GPS proof of activity manually or using the Strava integration button on OpenTrack. Strict closing time for results upload – midday on Tuesday 16 February 2021.
  • Entry open to registered members of England Athletics only.
  • Athletes must set runs to PUBLIC on Garmin/Strava to allow scrutiny, please ensure you have a method of doing this before you compete.
  • Performances that do not comply with rules will be marked as non-scoring. Teams can be a mix of junior, senior & masters athletes.
  • One result / one upload per runner.
  • Minimum age to compete is 15 years of age.
  • Runs to be named ‘EA Virtual Relay’. Keep 2 metres (minimum) distance at all times when passing in public. Stay close to home. Do not drive to run unless absolutely necessary.
  • Government guidelines, including around social distancing and staying close to home, must be strictly adhered to.
  • Results are based on elapsed time only.
  • If you run long your total time for the run will need to be submitted, please do not subtract the difference. A leeway of 0.02/mile is allowed for GPS errors but anything less than 4.98 miles will incur a time penalty. Anything less than 4.80 miles will result in a disqualification.
  • No part runs allowed, please submit your results for the distance of the race. If it is a part of a longer run it IS permissible to trim the run on Strava etc. For example if you submit an 8 mile run but with a 5 mile time this will be altered to elapsed time for the whole run shown (8 miles) as per the elapsed rule above. This is to allow accurate and swift verification of results and to ensure, as much as possible, that the spirit of the race is maintained.
  • A net downhill in excess of 10 metres (32ft) will result in disqualification.
  • Runs can be point to point, out and back or lapped. Please stay close to home and pick a route which reduces impact on other members of the public
  • No laps of less than 1km
  • Runs must take place off track on road or trail
  • Please note 5 miles = 8.046km (46m longer than 8km!)
  • Race organisers decision is final



Runners MUST ensure they compete in a way that adheres to the letter and spirit of government rules and guidance on social distancing. Stay close to home and consider the time and route you choose in order to minimise the impact on others.

If you are unwell, injured or have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have recently been in contact with someone with symptoms do not take part.

Entrants should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise programme, physical activity, or virtual competition, that there is the possibility of physical injury to you and others. You should always assess the suitability of the exercise/running location, route and equipment being used in order to ensure no risk is posed to others or yourself.  If you engage in a specific exercise or all elements of a programme, physical activity or virtual competition, you agree that you do so at your own risk and you are voluntarily participating in these activities, as well as assuming all risk of injury to yourself.  In doing so, you agree to release and discharge England Athletics from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of the participation in such activity and out of the use of any associated guidance.