Anti-Doping and Clean Athletics

This section includes information on the anti-doping work that is carried in England and the UK, including where to check the status of medications you wish to use in order to remain compliant with anti-doping rules. England Athletics cannot take responsibility for any information supplied on any of these links. If you have an anti-doping query please check the UK Anti Doping website which you can find at or refer to the Clean Athletics section of the UKA/ British Athletics website.

In October 2020, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) released a short guide on the major changes included in the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code. The new Code replaces the 2015 version. The Code protects athletes’ rights to participate in clean sport and ensure consistency in anti-doping programmes globally.

England Athletics Clean Sport strategy

The Strategy aims to ensure all registered athletes and coaches have access to the latest information on clean sport, and that there are education programmes available to identified talent athletes and their coaches, plus England Team Coaches and staff.

UK Anti Doping (UKAD)

UKAD is the National Anti Doping Organisation of the UK and is responsible for anti-doping in the UK. Its website includes education resources and provides information on anti-doping rules and procedures. UKAD has ‘Report Doping in Sport’ channels which allow the sport community to confidentially pass on information about potential doping.

Other sources of information

Global Drug Reference Online

The Global DRO website allows you to check the status of registered medication, both prescribed and over the counter. Athletes of all levels should check any medication before they use it. Athletes should also advise their GP that they may be subject to testing so that this can be considered when considering any treatment. Please note that even if prescribed by a doctor, you should still check you medication on GlobalDRO and contact UKA immediately should the status of you medication be prohibited.

If a medication is prohibited it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot use it but you must notify the correct authorities through the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) procedures. UKA can advise you on your TUE requirements.

Supplements Website

The manufacture of supplements is not controlled in the way that the manufacture of medicines is and extreme caution should be exercised before using a supplement. Athletes should consider their diet before using supplements and should realise that they are responsible for all substances that they ingest. UKA’s Supplements Position Statement has been produced to advise the sport on the best practice approach to supplement use.

Other Important Information

Please note that certain athletes are selected for the testing pools which means that they need to provide whereabouts information for out-of-competition testing. If you are selected, you will be advised individually and be given support with complying with the responsibilities. It is important to remember however that any athlete can be tested at any time, both in- and out-of-competition and if you are notified that you are required to provide a sample you must comply. Refusal to provide a sample when requested is an anti-doping rule violation with a standard sanction of a two-year ban.

Full information is available on the UKA website, including anti-doping requirements for record ratification.