Age Group Masters opportunities

The life of a Masters athlete starts at age 35 – opening up a world of opportunities for athletes to compete in Masters age group competition in athletics and running.

England Athletics Age Group Masters programme

The England Athletics Age Group Masters programme recognises that a significant number of road running clubs are made up of runners over 35 years old.

Our Masters programme offers England Athletics affiliated runners, age 35+, an annual rolling programme of qualifying events and representative opportunities at 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon distances.

British Masters Athletic Federation

The British Masters Athletic Federation, and its operating company BMAF Services Ltd, offer athletes the opportunity to compete in 5-year age bands for the rest of their lives.  Track & field and running championships take place at regional level via their eleven area clubs, nationally via BMAF Services Ltd and internationally via the governing bodies for European and World Masters Athletics.

England Masters development webinars

Dr Matt Long (Head of Athletics at Nottingham Trent University and coach at Birmingham University AC) presents a series of webinars to help masters athletes make the most of their training and reach their potential. Each session is open to all, and will be followed by a Q&A along with an update on England Masters.

Diversifying parkrun — Monday 22 August, 6.30pm

The different ways parkrun can be used in your training plan.

Split Intervals — Monday 29 September, 6.30pm

How multi-paced interval work can help your speed endurance training and challenge the lactate energy system even further.

Progression Running — Monday 24 October, 6.30pm

Advice on progression running and how using a range of aerobic efforts in your training provides you with a good base.

Continuous Hills for Strength Endurance — Monday 28 November, 6.30pm

Ways in which continuous hills (sometimes known as Kenyan Hills) can be used to build strength endurance.

Spicing Up your Long Run — Monday 9 January, 6.30pm

How including a range of paces and tempo running in your long run can add a different dimension to your training.