AthleFIT resources

AthleFIT resources

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The resources below can be downloaded for your own use.



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AthleFIT information for leaders

A copy of the course booklet for leaders to help prepare Leaders to provide safe and enjoyable AthleFIT Athletics experiences to people of any level of ability, age, size and shape – ‘Bringing Athletics to the people’.

The inclusion spectrum guidance

A 2 page leaflet covering Information and advice regarding the Inclusion Spectrum - a model for inclusion in physical education and sport.  Its application is not restricted to assisting the inclusion of people who have special educational needs or disability, but it can used to provide opportunities at appropriate levels to all participants.

AthleFIT session plans

Suggested session plans for the first four weeks of an AthleFIT class.  Including prior to the session activitiy, warm up, physical activities, cool down.

Forms and templates


AthleFIT group register

A template Group Register listing Name of Participants and  sessions attended by each. Download

AthleFIT sample risk assessment

A sample risk assessment for leaders, focusing on Group safetychecks before a class, general safety during sessions and potential equipment safety issues. Download
AthleFIT PAR questionnaire
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q): For most people, physical activity should not pose any problems or hazard. PAR-Q has been designed to identify the small number of adults for whom physical activity might be inappropriate or those who should have medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them. Download
AthleFIT personal details form
Disclaimer and Personal Details form for participants to complete and return to group/class leader.

Marketing and Products

AthleFIT logo
PDF version of the AthleFIT logo on a white background. Download
AthleFIT poster
A generic AthleFIT poster to describing the AthleFIT programme and can be used to recruit participants. Contains web links and contact email address.
AthleFIT poster for leader course advert

An editable generic AthleFIT poster to be used to advertise a Leader course.

AthleFIT poster for session advert

An editable generic AthleFIT poster to be used to advertise a session or courseWith Get Fit Have Fun strapline.

AthleFIT poster for session advert

An editable generic AthleFIT plain poster to be used to advertise a session or course.

AthleFIT bag

You can now buy an AthleFIT bag full of goodies to get your sessions going - includes Relay Batons, Sportshall Hurdles, Wobble Cushions, Quoits and Mini Bull Nosed Javelins plus much more. 

Download description of contents and costs

Case studies

Case Study - BME communities

A pilot project to launch AthleFIT into BME communities. The population was predominantly South Asian and in one of Leicester’s more deprived areas.

Case Study - disability participants

Working with the London RUN! Project, AthleFIT was introduced as a vehicle to take athleticsinto the community with a special focus on disability participants using clubs as the base.

Case Study - women's group
Focussing on a women's group in Tower Hamlets, the aim of the project was to involve more women into sport, some of who may not have exercised regularly and almost all who will not have experienced athletics since their school days. Download