Pressio is the Official England Athletics Compression partner.

From our genesis, we have set out to preserve the earth for future generations by being the most sustainable sportswear company in existence. Every garment we have ever created has been crafted with the most sustainable materials and technologies, including recycled yarns, non-dying & biodegradation. Complete with traceability. No exceptions.

To do this while creating genuinely world-leading products in performance is our mission. Advancing technical performance attributes in a way that has never been seen before.

We engineer every one of our fabrics, meticulously selecting the finest filaments & yarns and collaborating with the best minds in the industry.

Designed to perform. Designed to preserve.

Text: "Winning is not enough. Sustainable performance."

Over 25+ years of experience in compression technology have allowed us to engineer fabrics that are the most powerful, supportive, and comfortable. This is achieved through the correct use of proprietary techniques in drafting fibres, yarn/gauge selection and consideration of mm/hg.

Our powerful MAPP (Muscle Alignment Power Print) wraps around key muscle groups for reduced oscillation / vibration, and in turn, provides reduced microtrauma and damage. Our graduated compression increases blood flow (reduced muscle soreness & swelling) and pushes deoxygenated blood back up to the heart and lymph nodes.

We were the first compression manufacturer to use the Eco solution colour system. This uses colour pigment before the yarn is extruded, thus eliminating the toxic dying process altogether which allows for 59% less power usage, 63% less CO2 emissions, and 46% less water usage. We also use recycled (plastic water bottles or fishing nets) and biodegradable yarns.

Within the fashion and textile sector, the single worst contributor to climate change is dyeing and finishing – responsible for 3 percent of global Co2 emissions (more than shipping and aviation combined). This also causes over 20 percent of global water pollution.

Two athletes. Text: "Winning is not enough. Sustainable performance."

Membership offer

Pressio are delighted to share their products and knowledge with England Athletics registered athletes, coaches and clubs offering discounts and information to all levels and ages. As part of the partnership with England Athletics, Pressio is offering all England Athletics members 15% off their orders (discount code accessible via myAthletics portal or The Edge partner offers email newsletter).

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