NURVV Run is an England Athletics Official Partner, and Lead Partner of the Club Run Programme.

Launched in January 2020, NURVV Run is a new sports wearable that measures running from both feet – helping runners to run faster, further and reduce injury risk.

NURVV’s smart insoles have 32 precision sensors and provide running data that no other wearable can, with world-leading accuracy. Following each run, the NURVV Run Coaching App will provide a full analysis of performance and running technique which includes cadence, step length, foot strike, pronation and balance as well as other essential metrics.

As NURVV knows exactly how you run, it can tell you if you’re at risk of injury, or not. A unique and easy to understand Running Health score provides a personalised picture of how you are running and helps predict how sustainable your running is.

The app provides live coaching based on your performance – with real-time audio, visual and haptic feedback to help you run to a target pace. NURVV Run also enables you to level up your wearable tech, it is compatible with Strava, Apple and Garmin watches as well as heart monitors to fit in seamlessly with any running regime.

NURVV are dedicated to all runners who want to improve their running and aim to change 10 million lives with a new way of knowing by 2025.

Membership offers

NURVV Run’s smart insoles will be integrated into England Athletics Club Run sessions, with exclusive offers also made available to England Athletics members from time to time.


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