Enhanced Recovery

Enhanced RecoveryTM are the England Athletics Official Recovery Drink Partner.

Every runner and athlete, regardless of ability, standard or level of activity should be aware of the importance of recovery. In order to achieve your goals it is not enough to just train hard, you also need to maximise recovery through proper rest and nutrition.

For years coaches, nutritionists and knowledgeable athletes have been looking for new ways to enhance and provide a more complete recovery process.

Enhanced RecoveryTM is the scientific breakthrough they have been seeking.

Our drinks are now being used by numerous professional athletes and sports teams in the UK and USA, dozens of American NCAA Division 1 college sports programs and many past, present and future Olympians.  They all understand the value of the unique combination of ingredients and appreciate that they are all available (and bio-available) in one easy ready to drink pack!

However you do not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits of Enhanced RecoveryTM  – it proactively supports athletes of all levels to:

  • Train harder
  • Recover faster
  • Improve their performance, and
  • Enhance their general wellbeing and health

Enhanced RecoveryTM uniquely combines the proven benefits of the highest quality stabilised Omega-3 with Protein, Carbs, Vitamins and Antioxidants in a ready to drink, great tasting fruit flavoured smoothie.

This unique blend combined provides something way beyond the normal protein shakes – it adds a totally different level of support for those wanting a more complete recovery plus giving you the numerous additional benefits for the body and the mind of our bio-available un-oxidised Omega-3.

Now more than ever – you need and you deserve
Enhanced RecoveryTM 

Club Support Programme and Offer

Now that restrictions are about to be lifted and some competition will hopefully be starting up Enhanced RecoveryTM has agreed to continue its Club Support Programme for an additional but limited period of time.

It’s simple – when a club registers to participate in the Programme – their members get a 20% discount on the purchase of any 12 or 24 packs of Enhanced RecoveryTM and the club receives a cash donation from every sale.

To register your club – Simply email gb@ersportsdrink.com to obtain more information and your club’s unique CSP Code which can used by members on www.ersportsdrink.com

Performance Trial

What are others saying: click here to read the product information and reviews (download PDF 800kB)

Almost 700 England Athletics registered athletes participated in a Performance Trial undertaken by Enhanced RecoveryTM. The replies produced some excellent results:

  • 99% claimed a faster and more complete recovery,
  • 98% claim feelings of greater recovery,
  • 97% experienced less post exercise soreness and stiffness,
  • 98% say they had less muscle fatigue,
  • 98% of athletes say that the taste is OK, good or excellent.


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