Youth Panel

About the Youth Panel

The England Athletics Youth Panel is made up of a group of 20 young people from across the country who are passionate about improving participation and volunteering opportunities within athletics & running for other young people involved in the sport.

England Athletics are committed to providing a platform for young people to be involved in ensuring that the development of our sport best meets their needs. The Youth Panel works in partnership with England Athletics to represent young people currently active in sport and to feedback and input into projects, services and products to ensure they are relevant to the needs of young people of all backgrounds, roles and experience.

The England Athletics Youth Panel, meets four times per year to discuss, develop and input into specific projects to help ensure they are relevant to the needs of young people of all backgrounds, roles and experience. Between meetings, the Youth Panel attends various events to help raise the profile of the panel. Additionally, they also engage with and support local projects.

The group has an elected Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Communication Officer who provide direction for the group, along with support from a member of the England Athletics staff.

Youth Panel mission

To support the development of athletics and running with young people, for young people.

Strategic objectives

    1. 1. Championing the role of young people in athletics and running
      • Promote positive stories about young peoples’ achievements in our sport, e.g. volunteering achievement/development through social media and blogging
      • Represent England Athletics and the Youth Panel group at events, presenting a positive and inspiring example to future young leaders
      • Actively promote inclusive opportunities for young people
      • Work to improve representation and champion the involvement of minority groups in sport

      2. Inputting the views of young people into the development and delivery of our sport

      • Support England Athletics in individual projects to provide unique insight from a youth perspective
      • Support England Athletics in activities that aim to improve participation from young people in our sport
      • National Leads to build links with own NGBs and agree how they can best support and provide insight from a youth perspective

      3. Growing the skills and experience of young people involved in our sport

      • Provide leadership opportunities for young people in our sport by Youth Panel membership
      • Establish process for succession planning for members of Youth Panel
      • Support young people in their pathway through the sport, e.g. transition from local club to university, transition to volunteering roles
      • Highlight opportunities for young people to get involved in volunteering

Youth Panel Projects

The Youth Panel work on various projects and programmes throughout the year. Some of the key projects the Youth Panel have been involved with recently, are listed below:

  • Developing a communication plan and launching the Youth Panel twitter account.
  • Working with England Athletics staff to input and feedback into the development of the Game Changers Youth Volunteering Programme.
  • Delivering a workshop around youth engagement at the England Athletics Team Spirit Conference.
  • Input ideas and feedback to EA around the development of a #runandtalk offer for 14 – 25 year olds
  • Input ideas into the development of a recreational runner offer for 14 – 25 year olds as part of the RunTogether.

In addition to the national projects the Youth Panel are involved with, they are also in contact with England Athletics’ Club Support Managers within their counties to support and develop local projects in their areas, as well as attending relevant local meetings and events.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with the Youth Panel, please email or follow us on Twitter @EAYouthPanel