Regional Council Elections 2019

Following the completion of ballots for the three Regional Council areas requiring elections, we are pleased to announce the make-up of each of our nine regional councils.

Ballots were required in the East, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside with ballots closing on 3 April. The successful candidates in these regions were as follows:


  • Matthew Dalton
  • Rebecca Pickard
  • Tim Cook

West Midlands

  • David Ashbourne
  • Martin Flowers
  • Pete Afford
  • Peter Coote
  • Stuart Paul
  • Tom Gould

Yorkshire & Humberside

  • Samantha Isaac
  • Moira Gallagher

The names of the members of all elected council members can be found on the following pages

The Regional Council meetings in 2019 will take place as follows:

Regional Council MeetingAssociated National Council DateAssociated EA Board Date
W/c 15th April 20198th May 201922nd May 2019
W/c 24th June 201917th July 201931st July 2019
W/c 5th August 201928th August 201911th September 2019
W/c 14th October 20196th November 201920th November 2019

More about our Regional Councils

It is our aspiration that our representative structures reflect, as much as possible, the wide-ranging demography of our participant base. Of course, some existing Regional Councils have already done some good work in this respect but there are opportunities for more people to get involved through this process.

  • There are currently nine Regional Councils in the South East, South West, London, East, North East, Yorkshire & Humberside, North West and the East and West Midlands (the West Midlands Regional Council has been reinstated).
  • Councils normally meet between 4-6 times a year with a whole Council get together once a year at an annual conference in October where councillors can share views and discuss important matters facing the sport with England Athletics staff and Board Directors.
  • Each Regional Council will select a chairperson and is also allocated a position on the National Council, which also meets between 4-6 times a year alongside the other regional representatives. National Council can nominate two representative directors to the Board of England Athletics.
  • Councils are an important advisory and representative body but also make volunteer recognition award decisions as part of the England Athletics annual programme each year.
  • Councils are also important advisory bodies in shaping and informing national strategy and in canvassing the views of members and bodies such as County Associations on important challenges and opportunities facing the sport.
  • Councils also play an important role in supporting England Athletics membership services in managing the club and member body affiliation process
  • Councils also work closely to support the work of England Athletics staff in the designated region, particularly around club support activities.

Each candidate can serve on a Regional Council for two terms of four years. Therefore, after four years the position has to be applied for again and if successful that candidate can then sit for a further four years. After eight years they are required to stand down.

The number of elected positions to Regional Councils remains at between 3-7 elected positions and the number of co-opted members to Councils is also unchanged and must be fewer than the number of elected members.